Stacy // Luke Hemmings

" I Heard you've been trying to find a place in this world "


2. chapter 2

I was really exited to finally found someone with the same interest as mine , I always felt left out in my group of friends , I didn't felt like I belong there , I never liked the subjects they talk about , how they think , nothing at all , it was not being alone but feeling lonely , but with Evelyn I feel the complete opposite , it's like I was supposed to meet her it was my destiny , I didn't knew her for long , but for the first time in a while I felt like I belong somewhere .

" I know we just met but what are you doing Friday night Stacy " asked Evelyn with a really pretty smile .

" nothing much " I said already exited for what she's going to propose to do , I really hope it's not those boring high school party but I really doubt that what she will ask .

" There's this concert Friday , it's not a really popular band but they're really amazing , they have kind of that panic ! At the disco vibe , I don't know if your down for it but I have two tickets " she explained really excited about the band's concert .

" Of course am in "

Seriously who would say no to a concert , a free concert to a really good band , someone crazy I guess .

Evelyn smiled at me and we walked to our next class.

Through this week , me and Eve got so close , I even met her 2 other friends : May and Christian . These two people are so nice and lovely and share the same interest I was in choke . I've never met people like their kind and I am so lucky that I did .

In this same moment I am right now sitting next to Chris and Eve in May's house getting so excited over the concert that we will attend in some hours . May came in her rome with 4 glasses of chocolate milkshake on a plate .

We got even excited and all got up and ran to take a cup each .

"Slow down you animals" laughed May .

We sat and talked on her room while All time low where playing in the backroud . After an hour we were heading to the concert, it was very crowded at my surprise , I though they weren't that popular . People were already screaming so I couldn't hear what my friends were saying , so I join the crowd and started screaming along .

I felt like I was going to fall , someone beside me pushed me .

" really sorry " mouthed a guy .

He was tall , and have those deep blue eyes that will make you faint when you see them , and has a beautiful blond soft hair .

" It's okay " I shouted to make sure that he will hear me . He smiled at me and walked away

May was next to me so I look at her and shouted " This guy is cute " . She looked at my feet and then look at me and shouted " Yeah I like your boots too "

I laughed without correcting her and just enjoyed the rest of the concert .

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