Kill for my lover

This story is about a girl who is willing to kill anyone and everyone for her love if you get in her way.


2. Info~chan


Yandere~chan P.O.V.

I went home upset and went in my room stomping. "I have to kill her I have to kill her." I kept saying out loud. My parents are always on vacation so I live by myself so I could do anything. I went to bed. Then woke up and took a shower and got ready for school. I wanted to get to school early so that I could get my grades up. I walked into the building and someone hit me up side the head knocking me out. Then I woke up in a dark room with a small white light and I saw a girl with red hair and glasses. I quickly got up. "Give me one reason I should snap you neck." I said with rage. "Because you need me." She laughed. "Silly girl. I don't need anyone." I said smiling devilishly. "You need Senpai. Don't you." "How do you know about him." "I saw you stalking him and that girl yesterday." I was quite. "No need to be quite." "Who are you?" "Everyone calls me info~chan." She said in a crooked smile. "What do you want with me?" "I know who that girl is that was walking with your Senpai." "Who is she then." "Her name is Kakona Harouka. If you send me 10 panty shots I'll send you everything there is to know about her." "Why do you need panty shots?" "I send them to boys for money, got a problem?" "Your disgusting." "And your a stalker. So get what I need and I will send you her info." "Fine." I said. 



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