My Halloween

I'm Joseph Cambridge. I move about every two years. I'm about to start school again after my latest move. Today is October 1st. I've never really enjoyed holidays like normal people. I never have friends to celebrate with and I have a weird sense of a lot of things in life, so they might not understand me anyway. I'll see you again soon.


3. October 3rd 2016

October 3rd 2016


Well, the first day of school was pretty uneventful except for one thing. Yesterday I met a girl named Molly. She seems pretty cool. She’s pretty pretty. What? This is my journal, do you have a problem? Just kidding around man. Anyway, yeah, she came up to me just from out of nowhere and then we just became really good friends. I lost track of her at school, but she probably just has different classes. I didn’t see her after, but she’s probably in a club or play, or maybe even just got a ride home. Whatever, I’ll see her today, I’ll see you soon too. Bye.


I am searching through all my moving boxes, the ones in my room anyway. So far the only useful things I’ve found are as follows:

A notebook

A penny

My toothbrush

A flashlight

A few old packs of gum

A couple belts

And my favorite jacket

Of course I didn’t find any of my old journals yet, but I will soon. Hopefully.

I stand up and walk over to the window at the back of my room. I push the sides of the frame, making sure I wasn’t dreaming or anything when it had happened before.

What do you think this is for?

A secret escape?

I wonder if you can get to this part of the woods from anywhere else...

I snap back to reality when I hear someone ring the doorbell.

It’s six in the morning, who could even be knocking?

Oh my gosh. What if it’s that creepy guy from the bus stop!

I quietly open the boxes I have unpacked and look for anything I could use as a weapon. I find an old textbook I have and creep towards the front door.

I can’t believe you packed a textbook.

You think he’s going to be afraid of that?

I reach the front door and carefully look through the peephole. I see Molly there with her backpack on, shifting her weight from side to side. She reaches for the doorbell again and I quickly opened the door, not wanting anyone to be woken up.

¨Ssshh! People are sleeping in there, don’t go around ringing people’s doorbells way early in the morning!¨

¨Sorry,¨ she winced and looked down at the deck.

¨No no no no no no, It’s okay, you didn’t wake anyone up this time, let me grab my stuff real fast.¨

I ran back inside and grabbed my backpack from my room. I quickly check that the window is closed and I turn to start walking back to the door. Molly’s standing in my doorway and I almost bump into her before I stop.

¨You have a nice house.¨

¨What on earth are you doing?¨

¨Sorry, I probably seem pretty weird.¨

You really had to be friends with her, yup, right.

Shut up. I can’t believe you sometimes.

¨Let’s just leave, okay? I have my stuff now.¨




I walked her out of the house and we started walking to the bus stop. She’s really quiet now, so I’m going to try to start a conversation.

¨You said you’ve lived here forever right?¨

You are a great conversationalist. That made her cry yesterday, remember!

¨Yeah, pretty much. You said you moved around a lot too.¨


¨Cool.¨ There’s a little bit of silence before we speak again, we almost reach the end of my street.

¨What do you like to do, then?¨

Crap, she’s trying to get to know you! You said you wouldn’t this time...

¨I like to run, camp... I like to write and draw, I’ve pretty much exhausted all the book sources in the world. Despite what librarians say, books are a nonrenewable resource. It takes forever for new ones to appear, and most aren’t even sufficient.¨

She laughs at that.

You just made the nonrenewable resource joke and she laughs? Bro, I don’t know a joke that’s more cringeworthy.

I know, I’m sorry. Hey she did like it though, right?

She starts to talk again and we reach the intersection where the trail and road meet.

¨I like to ride my bike, but it broke a while ago so I haven’t been able to for quite a bit. I like to sing, but I’m not very up to date on the popular music or anything.¨

¨That’s cool, can sing a little, but I don’t usually like to sing in front of people.¨

¨Ooh! Come on, sing!¨ She starts to hop up and down and whack me in the arm with her jacket sleeves.

¨Ow! No, come on, stop!¨ I rub my arm and look around, ¨What are we doing here anyway?¨

¨I wanted to show you something before we went to school, here, look at this.¨

Molly starts to walk onto the trail leading into the forest, and I, of course, follow her. She leads me over the hill at the beginning of the trail and we keep walking until we reach a clearing.

¨I saw you from up here when you moved in.¨

I could see for miles and miles, and sure enough, my house was in view. I can see the edge of the cliff and I peer over, there was a large drop to the forest floor. I stepped back again and looked out. I could see mountains on the other side of the valley, I didn’t even know there were mountains here. The trees must have blocked everything from the ground. I can see all the trees from above, and I can see some of the leaves turning to fall colors. There are two birds flying across the valley, dancing through the air. Molly takes a hold of my arm, and this time, I’m not uncomfortable.

The clearing is covered in moss, and I can see vines crawling up the trees at the edges. A piece of gray catches my eye and I try to see what it is. I make out the shape of a headstone and I try to forget it, looking back out over the valley.

Molly hugs me and shivers.

¨I love this place, I come here whenever I feel sad, or lonely, or... yeah.¨

I hug her back, but keep looking down at the trees, ¨This place is awesome.¨

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