My Halloween

I'm Joseph Cambridge. I move about every two years. I'm about to start school again after my latest move. Today is October 1st. I've never really enjoyed holidays like normal people. I never have friends to celebrate with and I have a weird sense of a lot of things in life, so they might not understand me anyway. I'll see you again soon.


1. October 1st 2016

October 1st 2016


Hello again. Yes it’s just me. Just in case you didn’t know this is my fifth journal, sorry if you never found the other ones. You’re probably bored already, don’t worry so am I, but I hope it won’t be boring for long. Today, of course, is the first day of October. Homecoming is soon. I have no Idea who to ask. I just moved into a new school. I don’t know anyone yet. This is my eighth move out of my seventeen years. I hope I still have my old journals actually. It would be really sad if they got lost during the moves. Anyway, life’s been pretty hard recently. My last school I was there for two years and I never made a real friend. I miss Jacob. Back when I lived in Colorado, a few  moves ago, we were best friends. Well, now that I have scavenged this notebook out of some of the moving boxes I should be set for a while. All my time alone has given me experience, learning to do things with my life. I’ve written a couple things before, but I never finish them. The things I do finish I never show to people though. I have to go but I’ll write again soon, thanks for listening. It’s been tough. See you tomorrow.


Joseph Cambridge


    I put my journal down on a moving box by my sleeping bag. I leaned over and turned my blue lamp off. I pulled my sleeping bag further up to my chin, rolled over, and tried to go to sleep. I pulled my tiny Ipod Nano out of my shorts pocket and tugged the earbuds up through the sleeping bag’s opening. It’s already playing, the button must have been clicked sometime during the day when it was in my pocket. I hear the in my ear, I hear the lyrics grow louder as I click the volume increase button, ¨and I, haven’t found a drop... of life. I haven’t found a drop, of you.¨ I roll over again and stare at the unfamiliar ceiling.

    I sit here thinking, all my memories running through my head all the way to this moment in time. My mind seems blank every time I try to remember what exactly what I was thinking. I used to get frustrated at this, but I’ve gotten used to it. Instead I just sit here on the floor letting my mind wander. I think of my new school. I’m not really worried about what it will be like. I’m not worried about what the people will be like either. It won’t matter. We’ll probably move again in another two years and then I’ll have to graduate in another brand new school. I feel a little tired, I turn on my Ipod to check the time. 9:47 I turn off my Ipod and curl back into my sleeping bag.

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