Little alpha

Jack is the soon to be alpha in the silver blood pack. It's the next powerful pack after the golden blood pack. Jack is seventeen and eigthteen i two weeks, where he will be able to find his mate. But Jack isn't the alpha type. He is very small and is offen called cute. He isn't bullied though. It pisses him off, that he is small. He might not look alpha material, but he has the heart and guts of an alpha.

Mick i the soon to be alpha of the gulden blood pack, and is just transfering to Jacks school. Mick finds the little alpha amusing and extremely cute. If you were to describe Mick, you would say he is an true alpha, with exstremely good looks and he knows it. Mick is looking for his mate, and doesn't care who that is. He is determined to find this mate and care for it, no matter the cost, and he is going to be tested on that.


3. Chapter 3; Cornered and kissed

Jacks pov


I didn't register I turned my new alarm of. I was in a daze. I had had the most confusing dream. I know it was about something important, but as soon as I looked at the clock, I forgot what it was fucking about. I don't want to go to school today.

When I get down, I see my family along with the pack in the kitchen. I walk over to my mom and hug her waist. My mom is a tall woman. I don't know where I got my height from. The hole room goes quiet as I whisper to my mom.

"Mommy, I don't want to go to school today."

I can feel my mom sink together and the room goes more quiet. I can feel tiers forming in my eyes. I don't fucking cry! This is so unlike me. Damn.

My mom turns to the pack.

"What are you looking at?! Go back to your own business!"

The pack turns away, but my dad and brother is still looking our way. My mom turns back to me, but not before giving my dad and brother a sad look.

"Sweetie, look at me and tell me what is wrong."

I sniff and hug her tighter. I don't want anybody to see me cry. It will ruin me image and I can't have that. I have worked so fucking hard to get the reputation I have.

"Please don't make me look up. I don't want anybody seeing me cry."

I sniff some more and feel another pair of arms come around me.

"Son, please tell your mom, why she should let you stay home. We need to know."

"I-I just don't feel well. I have this funny feeling that something is going to happen, a-and I'm scared."

I whisper the last part. My mom start stroking my hair, I can feel her tiers dripping down on my head. She knows it's bad. I'm pretty damn sure the hole pack knows it, but I don’t care. Right now my reputation can go fuck itself.

"O-okay sweetie. You can stay home. I'll tell Brad so he can tell your school. Do you want anything to eat? Any sweets?"

"No thank you. I will go back to bed. Thank you mommy."

Alright, something is defiantly wrong. I FUCKING LOVE SWEETS!!! If this is all Mick's fault, then he is dead.

***Time skip to in the afternoon***

I hear a knock on the door. Now who could that be? I told both my mom and dad to leave me alone. I surprisingly let Alec in, but that was because mom had threatened him if he came down with my food. I couldn't let that happen. I haven't eaten it, though.

"Leave me the fuck alone!"

The knocking continued.


I got up and unlocked the door. And just as you had heard the click, the door swung open. I almost got hit in the fucking head. And if that didn't surprise me, the person who opened the door would.


I didn't get to jell at him before he was all over me.

"Jack, are you okay? You are not hurt, are you? Do you have a fever? I got here as soon as school ended. That stupid principal wouldn't let me go."

"What the heck?! Why the fuck do you care?! And for your information, I'm fine. Now, go away. I don't want you here."

I crawl under my cover again. Why was he here? Why was he fucking here?! I don't need that white trash nut goblin. Crap, now I am starting crying again.

"That's a lie."

The bed dips from his weight.

"You are not fine. You are frustrated and scared."

How the fuck did he know! He takes a hold of my cover and pulls it over my head, so he can look into me teary eyes. Mick puts his hand under my chin, so I'm forced to look in his eyes. I felt electricity shoot through his touch.

"And I know you have been unable to get me out of your head."

To say I was shocked, would be wrong. How the hell did he know? I never mentioned to anybody, that I was talking about Mick. So how the fuck did he know?!

Mick pulls my face closer to his. Our noses almost touching. I couldn't comprehend what would happen, not until his eyes shined gold.

I got out of his grip, but that ended up with me on the flour. I kept crawling further and further back.

"No. That's not true. Stay back. Leave me alone you ugly ass clown."

Mick kept stepping closer as I went as far as I could, until I hit the wall. Shit, I'm cornered. I searched for an escape, but there were none. The tears I thought were gone, threatened to fall. Mick bent down at my level. I put my hands against his chest to keep him away.

"No. Go away. Please, leave me alone."

I looked the other way. I couldn't look at him. I was too afraid of what he might do. Mick just put his hand on the cheek that were facing the other way.

"Jack, look at me."

He said it so calmly, but at the same time, it was a command. I wanted to submit, and that was what I did.

When I looked at him, he connected our lips in a sweet, heated kiss. The tears fell from my face. I was so surprised I gasped, which gave him access to my mouth. I gave a little whimper. This was new to me, but as our tongues danced together, my body became heated and I started kissing back.

My hands went in Mick's hair and my legs around his waist. The hand he had on my cheek went to my neck, while the other went under my shirt. When his hands had found their way to my nipple, I broke the kiss and let out a moan.

Mick continued kissing down my neck. He left small hickeys and love bites, where I moaned even more as he went down. When he reached the place where my neck and shoulder met, he bit down. I let out the loudest moan I have ever let out, and then I sunk together over Mick's shoulder, panting. He licked the wound, sealing it. When he went back to my still panting face, it was red and I had a hard time staying conscious. He looked at me worried and put a hand to my forehead.

"You really do have a fever."

I couldn't answer. I was feeling so warm and I was starting getting cold sweat. Mick put me back down on me bed and under the cover.

"Go to sleep, Jack. We'll talk to you when you get back to school. But if you want to talk before that, I'll put me number on your nightstand. Sweet dreams."

He kissed my head before walking out the door. If this is some kind of sick dream, I kind of hope it isn't.



Another lovely chapter to my lovely readers. I just wanted to say thank you for almost 300 reads. It means a lot to me. And please keep up comments. They motivate me. See you in the next chapter.


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