Little alpha

Jack is the soon to be alpha in the silver blood pack. It's the next powerful pack after the golden blood pack. Jack is seventeen and eigthteen i two weeks, where he will be able to find his mate. But Jack isn't the alpha type. He is very small and is offen called cute. He isn't bullied though. It pisses him off, that he is small. He might not look alpha material, but he has the heart and guts of an alpha.

Mick i the soon to be alpha of the gulden blood pack, and is just transfering to Jacks school. Mick finds the little alpha amusing and extremely cute. If you were to describe Mick, you would say he is an true alpha, with exstremely good looks and he knows it. Mick is looking for his mate, and doesn't care who that is. He is determined to find this mate and care for it, no matter the cost, and he is going to be tested on that.


2. Chapter 2; Should I give him a chance?

Jacks pov


That sick giant was in all of my fucking classes! He would not leave me alone. That dumbo even went as far as sitting with us at lunch. But I was right. Mick is that kind of guy that is totally full of himself. Even though he was surrounded be almost every girl, he didn't seem to care. It seemed like he didn't listen in class, and he wouldn't leave me the fuck alone.


God I hate him. I wish the moon goddess would put that pour basted out of his misery. But apparently that is no way to talk to a fellow wolf. Pft. Fellow wolf my ass. He is a dick, that no one needs around. Why does he even go to our school? Maybe my dad can help me understand.


When I finally reach my house I can see some cars that are not from our pack. Three expensive cars holds in front of our house, and almost reek power. I am tempted to just drive away again, and maybe spend the night at Nico's. but only tempted.


I may be an alpha and seem very tough, but that is most an act. I am small and therefore a lot of people don't respect me, so I have to act tough. If I am to be honest, I am a bit of a scaredy-cat. Only my close family know that. No one at school knows, and I attended to keep it that way.


I am too nerves to go through the house to find my dad, so I decide to mind link him.


"Dad, can we meet in my room? I need to talk to you."


"Of course, son. I'll be there in a minute. I assume you know we have guests. They would like to talk to you, but I can tell this is important."


''Thanks dad.''


When I opened the doors, I was met with my brothers smirking face. 


''What do you want, Alec?"


"Oh nothing much. Just wanted to know how school went?"


I knew it. Some of the pack members must have told him about Mick. I hope that the guests isn't him. But fir what I can tell of Alec's face, it is.


"You know what, my day can't possibly get any worse, so I am going to tell you. I have had the worse day ever. Some stupid prick wouldn't leave me the fuck alone all day. He kept telling how cute I was, and I swear, if Brad and Nico hadn't stopped me, he would have been fucking burned alive. Now, if you would excuse me, I will go get some sweets and then head for my room."


I never tell Alec about my day, so he was pretty surprised. His eyes were open wide and his mouth were on the flour. I didn't bother listen to his nonsense s, so I headed to the kitchen for my sweets. 


I pretty much emptied the hole kitchen for sweets. Normally I would just eat the stuff I have in my room, but I kind of ate that before I headed to school, and I didn't buy any on me way home.


When my dad finally got to my room, I had almost ate half of it. He knew it was big.


"Oh boy. I know you eat sweets on your bad days, but never this much. What happened, Jack? Did someone call you names again? Alec told me you were in a very bad mood and were caring a lot of sweets, he even asked me if I was on my way to you, but I never imagined this."


"I'm sorry dad. We got a new student today and he wouldn't leave me alone. He called me cute and adorable, he made fun of my height and temper, he kept touching me. I wanna kill him so bad, but he is an wolf. Not one from our pack. He had a high rank, I could smell it on him. My friends tried to make him go away too, but as soon as he talked to the away from me, they wouldn't. They told me time would fix it. I can't wait. He is doing something to me that I don't like. I need your advice daddy or I might go rough."


I was panting in the end of my rant. I had an tight grip on my hair and was rocking back and forth. My dad just stood in shock. I have been frustrated before, but never this bad, and I never call him daddy.


"Okay Jack, I need you to breath, okay? Having a panic attack won't help. Now, if you friends stop, there must be a reason, right? And I'm pretty sure he isn't that bad, but if he keeps touching you and insulting you, do not be afraid of sending his ass on the flour or to the other end of town. He has no right to that. And if he keeps it up, don't hesitate to come to me again. I will tell or guests that talking to you is not a possibility, and send them home. I will let you rest, but don't eat too much, okay? We don't want to spoil your appetite. Your mom will have my head."


"Thanks dad, and I won't."


"No problem son. I will call you, when dinner is ready. And Jack?"


"Yes dad?"


"Try giving him a chance."


He smiled and then closed my door.


What did he mean by that? Does he know something I don't? Does he know I was talking about Mick? Was it even Mick, who came to my house? Why does he have such an interest in me? should I give him a chance? So many questions in my little head. Perhaps I should give him a chance. Maybe he's just nerves being the new guy? I will give him to by the end of tomorrow. If he really is a dick, then I don't know what to do.



Hey lovely readers. Here is an new late update, that I hope you'll all enjoy. I know it's been a really long time since last update, and I will see if I can update more frequently, along with the others. I love you all and please remember to comment, they really mean a lot to me. I am always up for requests. See you all and have a nice day.

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