Little alpha

Jack is the soon to be alpha in the silver blood pack. It's the next powerful pack after the golden blood pack. Jack is seventeen and eigthteen i two weeks, where he will be able to find his mate. But Jack isn't the alpha type. He is very small and is offen called cute. He isn't bullied though. It pisses him off, that he is small. He might not look alpha material, but he has the heart and guts of an alpha.

Mick i the soon to be alpha of the gulden blood pack, and is just transfering to Jacks school. Mick finds the little alpha amusing and extremely cute. If you were to describe Mick, you would say he is an true alpha, with exstremely good looks and he knows it. Mick is looking for his mate, and doesn't care who that is. He is determined to find this mate and care for it, no matter the cost, and he is going to be tested on that.


1. Chapter 1; New irritating boy

Jacks pov


I slammed my alarm clock off, and looked at it annoyed. Great now I need a new alarm clock again. I can already feel this day is going  to be one of my bad days. And I have a lot of those. I just hope no one is going to get on my bad side today. If they are, they are going to be 12 feet under in matter of seconds. People on my bad days are just parasites, who needs to be wiped out.

I am the alpha of the Silver Blood pack, even though I'm only 5,2 feet, which is very small for an alpha. My pack can probably feel that I have another bad day. I usually been awoken by one of the pack members, but after one of them made the mistake of waking me up on me bad day and I beat him almost senseless, they have stopped doing it on me bad days.

It's like I give a bad or scaring aura when I'm in a bad mood. And today we are getting a new student in my school. I hate new people. If he or her just looks at me in the wrong way, I swear to the love of the moon goddess, that I am going to kill that person.

When I finally find the right cloths to wear, I head down to the pack kitchen, where everyone is sitting. When I enter, they all tense up. Good, I would do it too. I am so pissed. No one says a word, they just let me take a piece of bread and watch me leave. This is going to be a really fun day.

*** Time skip to the school ***

At the school everyone let me pass. They all know I am the alpha, even the humans, and they know when not to disturb me in any way, and that I mostly don't like getting comments on my height. It makes my day a little better, when they make a path for me and don't come near me. My friends though, they don't avoid me like the rest. They stick by my side like true friends should. And they know I will do the same.

When I got to my locker, I saw all my friends there. There were not many. As I have said before, I don't like people. I have 4 real friends. 2 boys and 2 girls. They are Brad, who is the star on the football team, Nico, who isn't much in to sport, but is really good at playing the guitar, Emily, who is the most beautiful and popular girl at school, and then there is Harper, she is a sweet, shy girl that every boy wants. They are some of the only people that can tolerate my very short temper and my bad moods and constant swearing. And of cause they are all taller than me and werewolves.

When I get to the bad excuse of living beings that I call my friends, they immediately sense my bad mood. Because they know me so well, and I trust them, Brad didn't hesitate saying

"Well someone is in a bad mood."

The amusement is clear, and if it wasn't because he is one of my best friends, then I would have almost beat him to death.

"Yeah, I need a new alarm clock."

They all burst out laughing. It is quite funny. I often destroy my alarm clock when I have a bad day, and this is the 6 time this month that I need a new one, and we are in the second week of this month.

"If you weren't me best friends, you would all be buried 20 feet under."

That made them laugh even more. I don't know what I would do, if I didn't have these weirdoes. They make my bad day not so bad. But it is still a bad day and I hate it. After they had quite down, I could finally say the one thing that has been bugging me ever since I woke up.

"Have any of you seen or heard about the new guy? I want to make sure he knows who is in charge around here. I don't want anyone going around saying stuff."

Emily squeal really loud. I guess she knows about him, and for her to squeal, he must be attractive in her mind.

"I haven't really seen him, but I have heard he is really hot. All the girls talk about him. They say he is very tall, black hair that suits his gorges honey eyes, and that he is very muscular. Just yummy. I think you will like him Jack."

The other nod agreeing with Emily, then they look at me. Actually they look behind me, but they are still agreeing with Emily, on that this new guy might be someone for me. My friends knows that I'm gay, and accept me for it, but every time there is a new boy, and they hear that he is hot, they think he is someone for me. It irritates me.

"For the last time, will you stop sitting me up with every new guy you find attractive. You know I am waiting for my mate, and there is nobody ells for me. Besides, from the way you describe him, he is probably a selfish idiot, that thinks he is better than everyone ells, doesn't care about the rules and thinks he can get away with everything. He probably thinks, that nobody can touch him, but I wanna prove him fucking wrong."

"Well, hallo to you too cutie."

I neck twist around so fast, that in that moment I think it would fall off.

And there. Right behind me stood the most handsome young man I had ever seen. He was really tall. I shit you not, he was like 1 foot taller than me, a motherfucking giant I tell you. He's midnight black hair and honey eyes made him look like a perfect roasted marshmallow. You know that perfect golden color, that makes your mouth water.

But I'm not going to let his looks stop me. NOBODY CALLS ME CUTE! Oh he is going to taste the wrath of this mad ass bitch, and I am going to love making him taste it.

"Who the fucking hell are you calling cute, you crazy ass giant! I am NOT cute, I am the soon to be alpha of The Silver Blood Pack, and I do not tolerate being called cute. You are going down you punk."

If Nico and Brad hadn't been holding me back, this new motherfucker would had been dead meat.

"Alpha? Aren't you a little, well, little to have that title?" And he have a fucking smirk on his face! Okay, that's it.

I take a hold of the rim on his short and pressed him up against the lockers.

"Now listen up. I'm a lot stronger then I look like, and I know you are a wolf and with a status. I can smell it. But you listen to me. I do not tolerate any sort of insult to any sort of people, how tall you are, how smart you are, how you look, which family you come from and what status you have. If I ever hear you insult me, even if I'm not there, or someone ells in this school, form the popular kids to the unpopular kids, to the omegas I will beat you down from that high pedestal you are on. Am I clear?"

"Very clear. I like your attitude. It does some good to your cuteness. See you around Jacky."

God this boy. He is sooo dead, when I get my hands on him. Let's hope my friends are around when that happen, so I don't kill him.

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