The Truth About Us Season 1

This is like a tv show in script form. Enjoy romance and drama like never before in the first season of the book.


2. Episode 2: Forgiveness at its most painful:

Previously on the truth about us:

Emily moves to a new town

Anna gets cheated on by her boyfriend Liam

It's not Leigh's fault they made out

Scene 1:

Local cafe

Jess: I love studying! It is so much fun not! Oh Sandy I have this English test and I am totally freaking out.

Sandy: You'll do great. I know. You are amazing at English. Miss even said so.

Jess: I don't want to sound full of it but that is true. I always pass. Your right.

Sandy: I know that.

Scene 2:

Anna's House:

Anna: If your name is Lisa, don't come in ok!

Leigh: Well it's not. It's me.

Anna: Who sent you here?

Leigh: No one. If anything Emma said to give you space.

Anna: Well that would have been a wiser option. You and Liam can go and do whatever because I am done.

Leigh: He kissed me ok! It's true. I was trying to push him off but you came at the wrong time. I would never do that to you.

Anna: Maybe what your saying is true but I don't know. I can't trust a lot of people. The two people I should have are gone.

Leigh: We can still be friends.

Anna: It's not that easy Leigh. I can't.

Scene 3:

Sarah's house:

Sarah is searching a drawer when Emily comes in.

Emily: I put some of my stuff in there already.

Sarah: Yeah you have. Sorry I am just making sure that there is nothing dangerous in here.

Emily runs up to drawer and closes it.

Emily: There isn't.

Sarah: I trust you. Ok now I need to go to work but have fun while I'm gone and make yourself at home at your home.

Emily: Yeah. Bye!

Scene 4:


Sandy: I don't know what you were worrying about. I think I failed.

Jess: I think I did. I did so much writing I couldn't edit so any grammar mistake is a mark down.

Sandy: Yeah.

Lisa: Hey have you guys seen Anna?

Sandy:No we haven't. Sorry.

Lisa: It's fine. Something happened and I need to fix it.

Scene 5:

Local cafe:

Anna: Liam! I need to talk to you.

Liam: Did I breathe wrong or something?

Anna: No you stupid jerk. You kissed Leigh. She told me and Lisa told me.

Liam: Anna, I didn't try to hurt you.

Anna: Shut up ok! I can't deal with this right now. What we were is obviously a blur to you. Let me tell you something. I am ripping up every photo I have of ours and I am putting on all of my profiles that I am single. I hate you and don't want anything, anything to do with you ok!

Next time on the truth about us:

Will Anna and Leigh be friends again

What is Emily hiding?

Who will Emma choose?

Find out the answer on the next few episodes

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