The Truth About Us Season 1

This is like a tv show in script form. Enjoy romance and drama like never before in the first season of the book.


1. Episode 1: Trust is the key to an excellent frendship

Scene 1:

Out side of my house

Mum: You ready to go.

Emily: Yeah. It's just really weird leaving my childhood home.

Mum: Once you settle in it will be fine.

Emily: Yeah, I will love it. Hopefully I fit in. Make friends.

Mum: Yeah, I have great faith you will.

Emily: Bye Mum!! See you real soon ok!

Scene 2:

Local cafe

Sarah: So, Lisa, I am offering jobs at the moment. You need one.

Lisa: Yeah because I totally want to work at a coffee shop when all the workers do is gossip about everyone in town. No thanks.

Sarah: Well you need money. You need to start paying rent because we could kick you out.

Lisa: You would not!

Sarah: Well stop thinking your too cool for school and get a job otherwise I will give you a job.

Emily: Hey, are you looking for people to give jobs too?

Sarah: Yeah always. I have never seen you before. What's your name?

Emily: Oh I'm Emily! I'm new here.

Sarah: Great!! This is a small town so I do know heaps of people. I get a bit shocked sometimes when I see someone I don't know.

Emily: Oh well I'm gonna fit right in. I came from the city and I was freaked out that I won't make any friends.

Sarah: No need to worry in this town. You will make heaps of friends. This is my friend Lisa who I always convince to get a job. She lives in my house.

Emily: Oh, hey Lisa!! That's my sisters name.

Lisa: Yeah well good for her. (Storms out of cafe)

Scene 3:

On beach:

Anna: What is that?

Emma: What?

Anna: Is that Liam? What is he doing making out with that, oh I'm gonna kill him. (Walks down to beach) Liam!

Liam: Oh, Hi Anna!

Anna: That's all you can say. I thought we were meant something to you. Now you are making out with her. Leigh, how could you do this to me.

Leigh: I am sorry.

Liam: We do mean something.

Anna: Yeah, junk to you obviously. Two years we have been together for what. Liam, I hope you enjoyed that kiss because we are over!!

Scene 4:

Local cafe:

Emily: Now I know that this sounds a bit much but do you have any room in your house for an extra?

Sarah: Yes we do. Sorry about Lisa before.

Emily: Oh it's fine. She will warm up.

Sarah: Yeah, she has a bit of an attitude today.

Emily: Its fine ok.

Scene 5:

Anna's house:

Anna: I can't believe he did that.

Emma: I told you, he was not good enough for you.

Anna: It's not just that. Leigh is my best friend. She was my best friend. Me, you and her have been friends since year 1. I don't know if I can trust her again. I can't be her friend if that's what she did.

Emma: It's alright. I will talk to her when I get the chance. I don't know if I want to either. She has always been a bit of a slut but to do this to you is so low.

Anna: Thanks for not doing that. Your probably the only person I trust right now.

Scene 6:

The beach

Lisa: Leigh!

Leigh: What, are you going to have a go at me?

Lisa: No

Leigh: They haven't told you?

Lisa: No

Leigh: Good. What is it.

Lisa: There is this new girl and Sarah just completely humiliated me in front of her. What's your problem?

Leigh: Liam and I were hanging out and he started to make out with me. Anna saw it and basically our friendship is over.

Lisa: So he kissed you and not the other way around. Have you told her that?

Leigh: She didn't let me talk.

Lisa: Can't blame her. Would you let her talk if she did that to one of your future boyfriends.

Leigh: Your right. Should I try?

Lisa: Give her space for the time being. I can talk to her if you like.

Next time:

What is Emily hiding?

Will Anna ever forgive Leigh?

Who will Emma choose?

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