She was fearless, and crazier than him. She was his queen, and god help anyone who dared to disrespect his queen. We tripped off of the need to feel alive, and stayed high together.
"You're a phsycopath"
"I prefer creative"


6. Chapter 6

unknown pov

"Princessa wake up," Aiden shakes me.

"Whatttt," I groan.

"We are gonna go have a little fun," he says with a smirk.

I pick my phone up off of the nightsand and hit the home screen. It lights up, '2:48', in big white letters across the screen.

"And where exactly where we be going at this time?," i ask slightly annoyed.

"You'll see, c'mon," he says tugging me out of the bed by my hand.

We walk down to the office and see the manager asleep on the counter.

"What are we doing?," I whisper.

He doesnt answer but instead he goes behind the counter and reaches into hi pocket pulling out a set of keys jiggling them slightly with a sly smile.He then ninja hops over the counter, Grabs my hand, and rings the service bell. The worker shoots up with drool dribbling down his face. Aiden takes off running and we go into the elevator.

"What are we doing?," i ask again. He hit the roof button and says ,"Having an adventure."

I sigh at the lack of information but remain silent.

The bell rings and the elevator door slides open revealing a very cool pool on the roof. He unlocks the gate and guides me into the enclosed space. He trows off his shirt and jumps in.

"c'mon princess its fun," he says after resurfacing.

"We are going to get caught," i say laughing at his childishness.

"Yeah, thats the point. It wouldnt be fun if we didnt," he says with his arms out wide.

"Your crazy," i say but i still take off my shirt and shorts and jump in.

When i come up i get splashed.

"You did not just do that," i tont.

"Oh but i did," He says swimming to the other side. I swim after him and finally catch him underwater in the deep end. I blink a couple of times trying to see the image in front of me. When i can finally make it out, I see his big brown eyes looking back at me. He then leaned in and kissed me passionately. As cheesy as this may sound, i could literally hear the animals running through the zoo called me stomach.

When we resurface for air i hear ," Hey! You two arent supposed to be in hear!."

We  turn around and see the manager shooting daggrs at us. Man if looks could kill id be in hell right now.

Aiden and I climd out of the pool and gather our clothes. 

"C'mon kids out before i call the cops," he says rudely.

"Oh i forgot," Aiden says. He digs into his pant pocket, pulls out the keys and throws them into the deep end of the pool. The manager gasps and jumps in after while Aiden grab my hand and we dash towards the elevator locking the manager in from the inside.

While we calm down from the running Aiden says," You cant  possibly tell me that wasnt fun."

"Oh that was fucking awesome," i say smiling. 

"There is much more to this little adventure of ours."

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