She was fearless, and crazier than him. She was his queen, and god help anyone who dared to disrespect his queen. We tripped off of the need to feel alive, and stayed high together.
"You're a phsycopath"
"I prefer creative"


5. Chapter 5

unknow pov

When I wake up i am in a hotel room alone but i can hear the shower running. I decide to go and get us some breakfast. I get up, put on black shorts, a sports bra, and a hoodie. I pull my hair into a pony tail before slipping on my vans.

I write a note for Aiden and leave it on the door. I walk to a nearby McDonalds and order us off of the breakfast menu.

When I walk out I see a police car pull into the driveway. I look down in hope that they wont see my face but of course, one of the douches has to stop me.

"Excusr me ma'am," one of them says.

"Yes officer, is their a problem?," I ask innocently.

"We have reason to beileve that you are a suspect of a murder that took place in Virginia yesterday evening."

"Why no officer, I was in a hotel with my boyfriend yesterday," I lie.

"Uh huh, im gonna have to bring you in for some questioning," the other man says.

'well shit" I think. He takes the Mcdonalds bag from me and puts handcuffs on me.

But while he is pocketing the cuffs i pick pocket the keys to the cuffs and his badge. Idiot.

Im placed into the backseat and they start driving towards the station.

I kick open yhe back seat that leads to the trunk and roll into the trunk before closing the seat again. I pop open the trunk from the inside and wait until the road is clear before rolling out onto the road. I take off running as fast as i can still hand cuffed. 

I run behing a local fas station and uncuf myself.


I decide to keep them and I walk back to the hotel.

When I knock on the door it immediately opens and im tugged into the room.

Aiden sits me on the bed and peers down at me angrily.

"Where the hell did you go!?!".

"Um i went to get breakfast. I left a note," I say calmily.

"Then can you please explain to me why you were on the fucking news?!?."

"I was arrested by two idiots who dont know how to properly arrest someone. While the dude was cudding me i pit pocketed this," I toss him the cuffs and badge ," and i climbed into the trunk and jumped out."

He sighs while running his hand through his hair.

"Dont ever do that again."

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