She was fearless, and crazier than him. She was his queen, and god help anyone who dared to disrespect his queen. We tripped off of the need to feel alive, and stayed high together.
"You're a phsycopath"
"I prefer creative"


11. Chapter 11

Arabellas pov

Ahhhh vegas city, the place full of freaks, drunks, and strippers. It's a lot different from the small town in virginia that im used to. 
"Where are we going?," I ask as we walk along the 'vegas strip'.

"The famous flamingo hotel," He says creating dramatic effects with his hands. He pulls a 9mm out of his waist band and wraps his arm around me tucking it behind me. 

"Where did you get that?!?," I whisper shout.

"The train we were on was an illegal freight train," He shrugs as if it were no big deal.

"You're crazy," I mutter.

"And you're psychotic."

"I really can't disagree with you there."

We walk into a building crowded by many people shouting for cabs and limos lined up in the u shaped driveway. A lady in her midish twenties, with dyed-red hair, is being dragged out of the hotel by two body guards. One buff, one fat.

The lady looks up and faces us. She looks up at me first and smirks before turning to Aiden. She watches as we walk towards the front doors and once we are about 10 feet from her she slurs "Heyyyyy, i know youu," Adding her drunken finger pointing dead in his face.

Aiden grabs her hand he shoves it out of his way.

"Nope, sorry lady."

we walk up to the line for checking in and wait behind this couple who look like they are going to fuck on the floor if they dont get there room in the next 20 seconds.

"Did you know her?," I ask looking up to meet Aidens face. He shakes his head ignoring my gaze. I roll my eyes and walk forward because the couple left.

"I need a room," Aiden says in a demanding tone. I shudder at his voice and goosebumps appear on my skin.

"We are kind of full right now, if you wanted a room you should have made a reservation. But maybe i can uhhh make an arrangement," She says sticking her chest out more. He white shirt looks like its suffocating her and is ready to pop off.

I sigh rolling my eyes.

"My name is Aiden Hunter," Her eyes widen and she takes a step back. "And I would like a room please," Aiden finishes sternly.

"uh-um right. Here your in room," she pauses and types on her computer. "502 on the fifth floor, i-if you have any complaints or questions fill free to call or-," he cuts her off.


He looks down at me and gives a small smile before nudging his head towards where the elevators are. While we walk to the elevators my head explodes with questions.

The elevator doors slides shut and he presses the button with the 5 on it.

"What the hell was that?."

"What?," He asks cluelessly.

"You know what?!? How come she gave you the room just because you said your name?," I ask.

"Im just.....well known i guess."

"But she was afraid of you!," I say.

"Well no shit, our faces are all over the news Ara."

"i know that but- wait....What did you just call me?," I ask in a more calm tone.



The door opens and a guy maybe around 30 walks in. He presses the first floor button even though the elevator is still going up to our floor. As we continue going up Aiden randomly grabs my hand, pulls me closer to him, and wraps his arm around my waist.

When we walk out he takes my hand instead and we walk in sync. We go to room 502 and walk in.


sorry i know its shorts as hell





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