Supernatural girls

Annabelle Alexis Jayde and Jessie are brothers and sisters but their parents died when Alexis was 10 years old so Alexis is their legal guardian so one wrong move and they all come be separated but what is the one move?


1. Alone

Annabelle's POV:

When our parents died I was only five years old i got told the story by my sister Alexis (she is 20 years old now) she is a accountant and a business called H&C accounting and her boss is apparently really hard on her but I don't really listen I have two other sisters Jessie and Jayda (they are twins) they just celebrated their 16th birthday a week ago but they keep bragging about it and they don't have a job but Jayde does netball and Jessie does Cheerleading but at the moment I am in History and bored Mr Blytion is talking about the first fleet to Australia which is absolutely boring as Science is the bell rings for lunch I go to my locker and grab my bag and go to the cafeteria and I grab my lunch tray and sit by myself as I always do and about five later someone sits down in front of me then I look up and see a boy who looks new here and he says 

"Is someone sitting here already?"


"Can I sit here then?"


I continue eating my lunch and then he asks me "What's your name?"



"Where are you from?"

"Miami original but I just come from New York,"

"Oh is it different?"

"Yeah really different,"

"What's your next class?"


"Sorry I got French,"

"Do you like French?"

"Kind of do you?"

"Not really," The bell went for classes again then he says

"See ya then,"

"See ya," I go to French and I sit there and think why did Bailey sit with me and not with Zara and her friends (Zara is the most annoying and popular girl in the school) then the bell goes for home and I go home with my sisters and they talk all the way home to each other

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