The Diary of a Fan

The Diary of a Fangirl; you'll get it in the intro. :)


2. Entry #1

To All Who Actually Read This:

I have (finally) made myself the most secret-filled person. Ever. I am hiding as much as possible from fellow peers, seeing as we live in a small farming community. They love that 1960's country while I love that 2016 pop rock.

Bam. New song! ;P

Naw. JK. I do hide all that, but that would be a horrible song. Can you imagine that?

*Calum Hood Sings:*

They love that ol' '60s country,

I love that 2016 pop rock!!


Haha. No. Never. That'd be awful. I mean, c'mon (c'mon c'mon). Sorry. :) Couldn't risk loosing the opportunity. Harry would be so proud . Love ya my boi. Omfg. I typed that and said 'boo' instead.


Ahh. Autocorrect makes and destroys your dreams.

Fudge you, Apple.

If I could, I would, man. But no famous popstar is gonna come and like the girl with a funky semicolon tat and the "rare" look.

In case you don't know, the "rare" look is red hair and blue eyes. My hair is a light red, but red nonetheless. My actual eyes are as blue as day. I love them; my family hates them. Yeah, I have THAT family.

OMFG! Everything has to be per-fect. Like MY GOD JUST LET ME BE ME. Like my mum took away my radio the other day because I was blasting my crap too loud.


Then my stupid (STUPID) brother says, "You're ugly, you listen to that rock crap!"

And I'm all like, "Yo, Pete, shut yer trap. No one cares; I'm proud."

And he's all like, "Well aren't you a PEACH."

Naw, just kidding. That never happened. But it might as well have. (And no his name isn't Pete, it's Will.) that little prat is about as annoying as a fly, and I HATE flies. Those little buggers are all like BZZZ and BUZZZZ and BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ-

Sorry, where was I?

Ope, never mind. Mum said to put this thing away.



(Jk, just Emma. Smh.)

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