The song


1. The song


I been thought shit

you never thought of

trying to change very thing around me

trying to spit this bars

like i never knew my self

Like i have done it before

but i haven't 

I just need someone to save me 

some one to change me 

that all i ask 

is that to much

by pushing me to my limit 

so i can see who i really am

Because i have been high low right wrong

i had to see it all for this life.

every night i be spending 

7 days praying on the week

this life style is what i want 

on will never be same as before

first i thought i could change 

but that wrong for me think

this is the new way i want to live 

but making money isn't plan

you see it is to change the people after and before me

this generations coming after they

need people to change this shit for this life 

because i just coming and gone and fade away

the way never leaves.





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