Sister Location

Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location is a survival horror game and the fifth installment in the Five Nights at Freddy's series created by Scott Cawthon. The game was originally expected to be released in the third quarter of 2016, and was released on October 7, 2016.


1. "Please, Stay In Your Seat's"

(NightsGuard) *opens door* ok just chill out, you lost your job at Freddy's Fazbear's Pizza only because I didn't finish my 7th shift, why did I get fired at that stupid place any way!, and why did I only get like $111.25!, that's so cheesy!, there so greedy!, I just want to... *grabs pillow* rrrraaa! Throughs at wall* why why WHY did I get fired for completely nothing!, did I eat all the pizza or something... Come On that's not fare *gets out fire report out of bag reads fire report* so why did I get!... Oh, there making another job opening *reads more*

(Fire Report Information) "we have burnet down Freddy Fazbear's Pizza to the ground, there was a malfunction that caused them to bite a little boy in the head, sadly he didn't make it, this happens in 1987, we don't no witch one malfunction so we let there souls free, we burnt all of them together as one whole group, they were still on stage as well, The New Job Opining: new job opening down under ground, it's like your old job but no phone calls, all you got to do for your job is to check if the animatronics are functioning correctly, that's your job for the night, this will make the job much easier then your old job, we also reprogrammed and recreated the animatronics to look shiny and new all the time and also made the animatronics kid free, oh ya, if you scratch the animatronics... Your fired, but you won't, we counting on you, can't wait to see you... sister, Location: old burnt building to the right hand side, you will see me waving in the dark, see you there, Time: 11:30, ps Unknown"

(NightGuard) *sits down* the bite of 1987, wow, I'd... thats why the animatronics are always trying to kill me, man... That's also why they pay me very little all the time, just in case I die from one of them, oh my, I think I'm getting somewhere and why does it say "can't wait to see you... Sister", this isn't just any pizzeria, this is a mystery, I need to search deeper into this but now I have to get ready because it's *checks watch* 11:12pm ok *stands up and looks out window* are you kindling me, raining, can this day get any worse, I can't even hear it, it must be just spitting, ok *puts on night guard out fit, black night guard jeans and black shoes also the night guard hat* ok I'm ready and its *checks watch* oh... 11:24pm, all right, here we go *gets night guard coat and puts on* oh man *opens front door* ok, I guess I'll drive *gets car keys out of pocket and unlocks car, hops in car* ok, I'm all set... Let's do this *turns on car and starts to drive to location* so near the old pizzeria, luckily it's not that far away from home, *3m later* oh my god, they really did burn it down, ok *gets out of car in the rain and looks at the pizzeria* wow, it's not burning no more because of the rain, all right... he said he was on my right hand side *looks to right* there he is, I can defiantly see him, *approaches him* so we're is this... Thing!

(Unknown) come to me and you can see!, it's under ground, it's safe, don't worry about it!

(NightGuard) ok *looks at Unknown* your still wearing that suit, why don't you want show your face to me, why can't I see your identity, can you at least tell me your name

(Unknown) does it matter!?, all you need to no is that your job is under ground and safe and easy

(NightGuard) *sighs* no, ok so... We're is it, is it there, that's small little shed

(Unknown) Yes, now... Follow me *starts to walk to shed*

(NightGuard) ok, I'll go with you, I guess *starts to walk with* so why did you burn down freddy Fazbear's pizza, was it old?, cursed?

(Unknown) it was old and rotten, the animatronics were out of control, we can't afford any more ascendents like the bite of 1987

(NightGuard) is that why...

(Unknown) ya, any way we're here *opens door*

(NightGuard) were are we, what is this place...!

To Be Continued

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