Young And Stupid

When friends Chelsea, Mavis, Anthony, Kaylee, Fiona, Emma and Erica meet Magcon. They go through tears, heart break, pain and fear. Read to find out what goes down in their adventure with the Magcon boys.


3. The Hotel

Chelsea's Pov
"Wake Up" I hear someone say, I open my eyes, and see Zachary, "What do you want?" I ask "The plane landed, come on." He says, and I lean up "Oh" I say, standing up, and grabbing my things.

I walk off the plane and see, all the girls and Anthony. I walk up to them, with Zachary still behind me. I pull Zachary to my side. "Zack, this is Mavis, Erica, Anthony, Fiona, Emma, and Kaylee." I say, pointing to each of my friends, "Hi" He says "Hey" They say in sync, "Ok Lets go and find our ride." Fiona says, Turning around and walking the other way.

"Are you going to stick with me, for a little or are you going to look for your ride?" I ask him, "I'll Stick with you." He says, "Cool" I say smiling. As im walking around looking for my ride, I see a sign that says "Zachary Bordelon" Wait is his dad the manager of Magcon? "Umm Zack, I think thats your ride." I say, pointing over to the sign. "Oh yeah it is, see you later." He says, hugging me.

"Yeah see you later Zack." I say hugging him back. He walks over to his ride, and I turn around and start walking around looking for My Friends, I see them walking towards a Limo, so I ran up to them, following them into the limo.

"Where were you?" Anthony asked, When we started moving. "I was with Zack, helping him find his ride." I explain, "Oh ok." He said, I wanted to tell him that Zackary's dad might be the manager of Magcon, but im going to keep it to myself, just in case its not true. I was in deep thought when the limo came to a stop.

The driver opened the door,and everyone climbed out. "We have reached the hotel, each of you get two to a room, just go to the front desk and tell them Magcon, They will give you your keys and your room number, but before you go to your room, head to room 250, on the last floor."

The driver informs us. "Ok Thanks" Mavis Says, and the driver nods his head. We all walk in the hotel. And walk to the front desk. "Magcon" We all say at once. "Ok keys are hanging on the wall and yall can sort out who is sharing rooms." The lady at the front desk tells us. "Ok thank you." I say, giving her a smile and walking over to the keys. After about 5 minutes of trying to figure out who is sharing a room, we figured it out. It was like this.


And me with one of the boys, Yayyyy. "Ok lets go to room 250, to meet the boys, instead of knocking we are going to bust in and scream Were home, ok" I explain, and everyone agrees.

We go get in the elevator and I push the 10th floor which is the last floor, and we go up, When we get all the way up, The first door we see says 250, "Well that was easy." Anthony says, "yep come on." I whisper grabbing the door nob. "Ok 1,2,3..... WERE HOME!" We all scream, swinging the door open.

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