Young And Stupid

When friends Chelsea, Mavis, Anthony, Kaylee, Fiona, Emma and Erica meet Magcon. They go through tears, heart break, pain and fear. Read to find out what goes down in their adventure with the Magcon boys.


6. Pranks begin

Chelsea's pov
I bought the things you throw on the ground and they pop and I got some duct tape, I walked into Nashs room, and I seen he was eating beans on tacos, I also got the powered stuff that makes you poop, I walked over to Nash and sat next to him. He looked up at me and smiled with food hanging out of his mouth.

"I have something that will go good with that" I say, holding up a bag with the powered stuff in it. (I sound like Im about to poison him lol) "What is it?" He asks, "Its good, trust me." I say, handing it to him, he takes it and says thanks, I nod my head at him and walk to the bathroom. I open both of the seats on the toilet, and take some of the poppers.

I set them on a piece of duct tape and taped it on the bottom on one side of the toilet and did the same on the other side, and gently set it down, so when he sits down, it makes a huge pop and with scare the hell out of him.

I take my phone and put it on record and hide it in the flowers so it will focus on his face. BANG BANG I hear on the door.


I chuckle and walk out, He runs in and I hear Bang bang bang bang, and a loud screamI start laughing so hard, I fall to the ground. He walks out and glares at me. "Oh its on." He says, walking to the living room and out the door.

I run in the bathroom and grab the camera, "ok so that was the beginning of our prank war, the girls got one point, and the boys got zero, this is going to be the best year of my life" I say, into my phone, then stopped the recording.

I walk out the door and into Hayes room who was still fast asleep. I grab my phone and start recording again.

"Ok so the bae is sleeping, just met not dating. Anyways Im going to splash a shit load of water and flour, on him. Lets go." I whisper, tiptoeing into the kitchen.

I grab the biggest pot and pour flour and water in it, then mix it. I grab my phone and take it into the room and set it up, and go back and get the pot.

I slowly walk up to Hayes and whisper sorry, then poor it all over him, and He jolts up immediately, and looks around confused, "What the fuck is this?" He asks, I grab my phone and point it at him

"A prank 2 to 0, love ya." I say walking out into the hotel hallway, after stopping the recording. I started to laugh silently, I walk to my door, and make sure no tape or plastic wrap was in the door frame, there was none so I turned the nob and pushed the door open and jumped back so I didn't get water pour on my Head.

Loads of shoes fell, and I seen Nash Recording, he seen that I was backed up, and frowned, "Damn it your good." Nash said.

"Yep Im boss like that, oh your brother is covered in flour and water." I explain. "How did he not wake up, dang how late did he stay up." He questioned his self. "Theres alot more where that came from." I say smirking and walking away.

(I love this so much, hope you like it.")

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