Young And Stupid

When friends Chelsea, Mavis, Anthony, Kaylee, Fiona, Emma and Erica meet Magcon. They go through tears, heart break, pain and fear. Read to find out what goes down in their adventure with the Magcon boys.


2. New Best Friend

Chelsea's pov
On the plane
I sat down in my seat and noticed boy around my age sitting next to me. "Hey Im Chelsea" I say, He looks up at me and smiles "Im Zachary" He says "Nice name" I compliment him

"Thanks" He says "No problem" I say, "So whats bringing you to L.A?" I ask him, "oh umm Im with my mom and we are going to visit my dad, What about you?" He explains

"Me and 6 of my friends are going on tour with Magcon." I explain "Cool but whats Magcon?" He asks, and I just look at him in shock "You dont know who Magcon is? I have a life story to tell you" I say, 

"You know what Im just going to look them up." He says, grabbing his phone from his pocket, and he types in Magcon, he goes to images, and looks through the pictures, he stops at a picture of Cameron. "Damnnn he's fine." He says, and I agree "Yep he's Sexy." I say

"Wait did you just call him Fine?" I ask, pointing at him then at the picture Cameron, "Yep Im Gay As fuck." He says, "Yay Ive always wanted a Gay best friend" I say, hugging him,

"Oh wow i wasnt expecting that, I figured you would say something like, ewww your gay, or like eww get away from me fag." He says, "If i ever hear that someone called you a fag, Im going to beat their ass" I say snapping my fingers. "Your going to be my first friend and best friend in like forever." He says

"Give me your phone" I say, and he hands me his phone, I go to his camera and take a selfie, and put my number in his phone. "There now you have a picture of me, and my number." I say giving his phone back,

"Ok thanks, now its my turn" He say, and I give him my phone. He does the same thing I do and give me my phone back. "Thanks, Im a little tired, can you wake me up when the plane lands?" I ask, yawning

"Sure teddy bear." He say, giving me a nickname. "Teddy bear?" I ask "Its my nickname for you" He says "oh ok well Goodnight, Zack " I say "Goodnight" he says, and that's the last thing i heard before drifting of to sleep.

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