Young And Stupid

When friends Chelsea, Mavis, Anthony, Kaylee, Fiona, Emma and Erica meet Magcon. They go through tears, heart break, pain and fear. Read to find out what goes down in their adventure with the Magcon boys.


8. Amnesia... Part 2

Its been about two weeks and I feel super bad. Hayes doesn't really do anything anymore and the rest of the boys are really down.

If I told them this was all a prank, they would kill me, Im just going to play it of like I got my memory back, and tell them that it was a prank later on in life.

At the moment Im walking towards Hayes's room, and im going to gather all the boys around and act all happy, and tell them I got my memory back, All the girls are in on this plus Anthony, cuz he hates mean pranks like acting like you die or what I did.

I knocked on Hayes's door, and waited for him to answer, but he didn't, so i justed walked in. When I walk in I see Him laying on the couch sleeping. "Hayes wake up, I have some news to tell you." I say shaking him a little "What is it?" He mumbled.

"Ill tell you if you get all the guys in here." I say, "ok" He says slowly getting up, He gets on calls everyone at once, in a group call and he tells them to come down to his room. After everyone comes in the door, I start smiling like an idiot, "What?" They all ask at once "I GOT MY MEMORY BACK!!" I yell, in a sing a song voice.

"Yessssss." Hayes yells, running up to me, with the boys following, and we all have a group hug, Everyone is saying things like, I'm so happy for you, and That's amazing.

"So when didn't you get the girls in here?" Aaron asks "Oh I already told them." I say smiling. "Oh ok, so who wants ice cream because I want some." Aaron says, and I chuckle.

"I do, let me ask the girls." I say running to each of the girls rooms, and asking them, they all said yes, and we all headed out to get Ice cream.

(If that sucks im so sorry.)

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