Young And Stupid

When friends Chelsea, Mavis, Anthony, Kaylee, Fiona, Emma and Erica meet Magcon. They go through tears, heart break, pain and fear. Read to find out what goes down in their adventure with the Magcon boys.


7. Amneisa

Chelsea's pov
Nash and the rest of the boys have been pulling super mean pranks on me but I only believed Half of them. So Im going to get them back. So its been about three weeks here.

Everyone has grown onto each other, and this is going to be the best Prank ever, Its going to last for about 2 weeks, Heres what Im going to do, Im going to fake fall and hit my head on the counter, and Everyone is going to ask if im okay and Im going to act like I have Amnesia. So here we go. "Hey guys, I have a ques- ahh." I say, falling making it look like I hit my head and hit the side of the counter with my hand so it even would sound like I hit my head.

"OMG are you alright Chelsea?" They all ask at once, start shaking me.

I feel myself, being picked up and carried somewhere. "Hayes is it alright if we put her in your room for a little? She kinda got knocked out." Taylor explained, and I heard Hayes gasp.

"What kind of prank did you pull this time, I swear if she is hurt, or if she forgets everyone I will never speak to you ever again." Hayes says in and angry tone, Does he like me? I mentally ask myself.

At this poing Hayes has me in his arms. I hear everyone slowly walk out, and Nash whispers She tripped, but Hayes didnt hear him "Please be okay please be okay." Hayes whispers to his self, I slowly flicker my eyes open, and look at Hayes. "Omg Chelsea are you alright?" He asks me.

"Im fine but who are you?" I ask, trying not to laugh, I seen his eyes tear up. "NASH, TAYLOR, JACKS." He yells, stomping out the room, And I follow, acting confused. "What?" Nash asked with nobody noticing me, and I hide behind something

"You caused Chelsea to get Amnesia, and now she cant remember me, or yall." Hayes explains tears threating to spill. "We didnt do it she sliped and hit her head." Johnson says. "Oh sorry, but she still dont remember us." Hayes says finally letting the tears fall, awe i feel bad now.

I think to myself. I walk out from where I was hiding "Remember who? I ask "Remember us, Do you remember us?" Taylor asks "No Im sorry, Bandana boy." I say, I was going to call him bandit, but thats the nickname I gave him.

"The boys with blue eyes look familiar, ummm oh ummm your Nate, no Nathan, I dont know, but the other one, is it Hayden, no ummm, sorry I still dont know, but this dont look like my house, where am I?" I ask, "Your in a hotel in L.A." Gilinsky explained.

"Really cool." I say, "Ummm whats you names." I add. "Im Hayes, Thats Jack J, Thats Jack G, Thats Nash. And thats Taylor." He says pointing to each of the boys. I smile at them, and hug each one.

"Nice to meet you all, Is my sister here?" I ask, "Yeah she is, room 248" Hayes says, "Thanks cutie." I say walking out.

(hope you people like it, I was super tired writing this, so sorry if it sucks.)

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