We Got YOU!!!!!! (Group Chat)


7. At the hospital Pt. 3

EmlovesJordan: Baby I wanna see you...


JordanlovesEm: I'll be there when u get back to your room babe.


Alex: Come down... We decided to get food...


Johnnie: Depends on how she's doing...


Alex: she seems as ok as to be expected... All I know is she's not going back to that school!!!


JordanlovesEm: Baby I'm going out... who wants starbucks?


EmlovesJordan: Omg its Christmas in 2 days!!! AND MEEEEE!!!!!!!


Johnnie: Me!


Alex: Me


Social Repose: I'm good... I already had Starbucks today.....


JordanlovesEm: What do y'all want?


Johnnie: Iced caramel macciato, extra sugar!!!


Alex: White Mocha Frap, extra sugar!!


EmlovesJordan: Java chip Frap... Extra sugar and caf!!


Alex: Em, you need sleep... ill get u one with extra caf when u get out....!


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