We Got YOU!!!!!! (Group Chat)


5. At the hospital Pt. 1

EmilylovesJordan: Hey guys its Johnnie.... Don't leave any personal messages for Em right now...


JordanlovesEm: Why?


Johnnie: We finally got her to sleep... Oh and jordan, I'm in the bed with her... It's the only way we could get her to sleep...


Alex: Wait, she got put into one of those suite rooms?


Johnnie: Yep... She wasn't at first but they moved her so we could try the idea to get her to sleep... Because it worked, its her room now.


Social Repose: god dammit! I wanted to get there before she went down!!!


Johnnie: She asked me to wake her when any of y'all came.


Alex: Im here!


Social Repose: I made a stop to get her something... I am still about 45 minutes out.


Johnnie: She's kinda awake now... Her chest rubbed against my arm... She woke up screaming!


EmlovesJordan: Wheres Alex?


Alex: Im signing in love.


JordanlovesEm: Any better baby?


Johnnie: She's pretty beat up Jordan!!


EmlovesJordan: Babe, it fucking hurts!!!


Social Repose: Oh is she not in bed?


Alex: I just got in with her. It's worse than I expected!!!





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