Little Blessings

Brooklyn, a 16 year old superstar. She does everything she gets the the grades, she plays all sports, and she is quite popular. She even has good relationships with her family. But everyone hits bumps in the road. Will she continue her awesome lifestyle or will she crumble? Find out what happens in this story!


6. The After Math


Logan's Point of View 

I think she fell asleep on the couch. I honestly can't tell. I don't want to disturb her so I tuck her into the couch and I go to my room and fall asleep. 

In The Morning 

"Hey you know I want to thank you so much for taking me in last night I know it might have been an inconvenience," Brooklyn said while cuddling with my pillow. 

"Hey you can be an inconvenience any anytime but first you have to call." She made this cute snorting sound when she laughs It made my insides melt. 

"Have we ever met before... all of this happened. I swear we have." 

"Uh, I don't know... I mean I graduated from Eastern High In New York last year so maybe we saw each other in the halls."

"Nah I go to a different school..." She stared at me for a while and me kind of got freaked out by it she really thinks we know each other.

"Holly crap I know where I know you're from!!!!"


"Did you move around when I was in third grade you must have been in fourth we use to have the same recess and we use to play with each other!"

"Huh..." It was all starting to come back to me now the flashbacks of us playing together I forgot all of those years, or at least I tried too. "Yeah I did move around if I am being quite honest with you I was always on the move around once every school year because I was all over the foster care." 

"Oh, I'm sorry you were moved around a lot I mean I don't really understand how you felt but I mean I bet you felt terrible all through your childhood." Brooklyn began saying.

"Oh no, actually I thought it was a great adventure. I didn't really think everything through. I just thought everything was one big adventure. I thought everyone needed my protection. That is why I went to so many houses at least that was what I was thinking." 

Brooklyn began laughing so hard she fell off my couch. "What's so funny?" I asked in a confused tone of voice 

"Nothing I just think it is the cutest thing in the world that you thought that you needed to protect everyone. Is that why you took me in last night because you thought I needed protecting?" She sat up looking at me seriously 

"I mean I didn't think that you needed protecting at the time but yeah I guess so I mean you were or you still are so hurt I didn't want anyone taking advantage of you like some sick people do." 

"Oh well I really want to thank you again for taking me in I have no idea where I'd be without you bringing me in.

"No problem." 


Brooklyn's Point of View 

We ended up staying in his apartment and catching up for hours I can't believe that we knew each other way back then. I guess he isn't a stranger after all. I figured out that Logan is a singer/songwriter so he sang me a few songs I mean he is really good I mean really good. Also, he was in New York for a few years then moved back here when he was legal to live on his own. 

"Holy crap my mom is calling me," I said in a really freaked out voice 

"Um okay what is the problem here?"

"I was supposed to be home to help my dad stack wood and help with the animals at his vet clinic. Crap!" 

I picked up the phone "Hey mama."

"Don't Hey mama me you were supposed to be home three hours ago. Where are you anyway?"

"I'm so sorry mama I know I was supposed to be home but Allison and I got way caught up in horseback riding and we lost track of time I swear I was just leaving now."

"Be home in 15. I love you."

"I Love you too."

I hung up and gave Logan a disappointed look 

"It's okay going ahead your mom needs you."

"Here's my number text me whenever you want to be a hero city boy." 

I got my things and left his apartment without looking back with a grin on my face. 



Will Brooklyn and Logan meet up again or are this the last time they see each other. Find out in the next chapter! Favorite, Comment, Double like and I'll see ya later alligators <3

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