Little Blessings

Brooklyn, a 16 year old superstar. She does everything she gets the the grades, she plays all sports, and she is quite popular. She even has good relationships with her family. But everyone hits bumps in the road. Will she continue her awesome lifestyle or will she crumble? Find out what happens in this story!


4. American Rejects

Brooklyn's POV:


I just kept walking and walking. I ended up going to the park. I saw Jett and turned to leave, he saw me and ran over. I tried to run away but he got hold of my wrist. He told me I made a huge mistake and that I need to take him back. I said "Jett I can't do this anymore. You said you were clean that is the first thing, you lied to me. Second as we went on with our relatinship I relized you were using me. Yes I am the good girl and you're the bad boy but holy crap you need to stop. I am not doing this again. Goodbye Jett."



Jett's POV:


I am not doing this. The only reason I tried to get her back was because my friends and family said that is the right thing to do. I am not putting up with this crap! "Hey Brook!" I yell. "what do you want Jett?'' She asks. "You know what I never wanted to get you back that is just what everyone said I should do! I never loved you even after a year! I just stayed with you cause I didn't want to pull that dumb move and get the whole school to hate me. You little princess. I hate you and hope no one will ever be dumb enough to go out with you let alone start a family!" I yell. Her face says it all. I knew I went to far, I see the tears fall and walk away... Guess she got what was coming to her.


Brooklyn's POV:


I ran until I could not go any further I realized I was a block away from the mall and headed there. I was still crying I didn't care who saw me at that point. I just wanted to have space. I found a bench and sat there and cried and cried. About 20 minutes later I feel a hand on my back some guy is sitting there with a box of tissues and 2 coffees. I didn't even know him. "Are you okay?" the guy asks. "No. I really just need someone to hold me and tell me life will be alright." "Well come here." he says. "I don't know you." I reply. "Well then, hi I am Logan Bailey. Who are you?" he says. " I am Brooklyn Ray." I say. "Well Brooklyn Ray I think you need a hug now." I laugh and hug him. "There all better?" He asks. "A little." I say. "Alrighty. Lets take a walk my house is about a block away you can get cleaned up and we can talk for as long as you want." He says. "That sounds nice I guess." I say.


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