Son of the bartender

Kera, a young 17 year old boy, lives with his mother, Maria, in St Petersburg, who is a bartender to her own pub. Kera finds joy in helping his mother as a waitor, and everything is peaceful.
One night, a great blizzard hits the calm city, and many citizens try to find shelter. Though some individuals aren't so lucky, the snow had seemed to be hiding a fate that night, which would change Kera's life forever, and quite possibly make him the happiest human alive. With a few wild events, of course.
So the snow decides to bring Vyan, a mysterious adopted boy, and Kera wants to get to know him, inside and out.


1. Kiss me in lust

I don't think I've ever felt more warm and content. Because winter has struck its harsh winds, heavy snow falls and chilling temperatures on our beloved Russia, mother has lit all of the fires in our pub, Little Duckling, and turned out all the lights. The amber glow traveling around the room is so magical, my heart feels all fuzzy.

"Here you go sir." I place down a pint of beer to a middle-aged gentleman sitting at a small coffee table near one of the fireplaces. "Bless you, young man. The winds are ripping the streets apart today." he looks up at me and smiles. "Maria, she lit the fires?"

"Yes, mother did. I hope it is comfortable." as I say this, the man lets out a gruff, hearty chuckle. "Comfortable? Blimey boy, it's heaven! Or are you saying that the winds outside are far better?" he drinks, then winks at me. "I'll tip ya for the humorous services, alright?" I nod, then stride back to the middle, and lean against the bar side, ready to take away another order or two. Or three. I look outside the window, and the clatters of the hinges immediately prove the man's point. The winds are ruthless today. I wonder how people are getting around in this atrocity. 

"Ah ha! Kera, there you are. Take these three cocktails to the three ladies in the pencil dresses over there, then come back, okay?" mother pats me on the head, shoving a full tray of cocktails in my hands, the olives dancing about in the dip. "Yes mother." 

Mother is single, but she's rich as she is. Well, she owns a pub, and she's the boss. I love her so much and I feel so grateful to have her. I think this while looking at the sugar glistening on the rim of the cocktail glasses.

I finally reach the full table, surrounded by a trio of elderly ladies, whose laughs mimic that of a chimpanzee. They surely have come here to have a laugh, and have fun. Well, what else are you going to do on a ferocious winter’s night? 

"Here you are ladies, three grapefruit and blood orange 'tails." I take each glass by the stem gently, doing my best to not dip one of the woman's furry scarf into the drink. "Oh, dear, you must be Kera? Such a handsome boy." She bats her large false eyelashes at me, adjusting her blond hair extravagantly. "Oh, why thank you. You are all looking quite fun this evening, ladies." I place one of my arms behind my back, like a butler, then bow, and return back to my mother who literally started to dance with a glass of white wine. "Oh, my Kera. You really are such a gentleman. Now, just one more order and then you can take a well earned break. Take this to that man with the bow-tie." and of course, I do as mother says.

"Sir, for you." I complete my last order, on which was slightly ignored, but with reason. "Where is he? He promised he would be here right now! Oh, so sorry sir. Thank you." the man seemed very frustrated about something. Or more like someone. 

I head back to mother for my break, which she gives me full heartedly. It was only until it was disturbed that I started to realize a few things. "KERA! Kera, quick! This boy, this boy needs help!" mother was screaming at me, the pub started to gather itself around, and a harsh gust of icy wind blew in as mother opened the door. And then I saw this tall boy, sifted in snow from head to toe, wrapped in a tartan blanket, which was solid to the rims. 

"Kera, bring something warm for the throat. Bring tea, tea!" I rush over to the middle and immediately prepare some boiling water for the well wanted tea. All I could hear were murmurs from the guests; a sea of "are you alright dear?" and "You'll be fine, honey.". But then a familiar voice spoke up. "Where have you been!? Vyan!" it was that of the man of whom I had served the white wine to. "I told you to be in here before the blizzard! My word, nephews sometimes..." the man takes out a gold pocket watch, and checks the time with frustration. "I-I'm sorry, u-uncle." a trembling voice came from the frozen boy, which I could now see was the man's nephew. But, just something was wrong. Why did-

"Kera! The tea!" 

"Yes mother, its ready now!" she just had to interrupt my thought, eh? Well, it doesn't matter. Some things are just more important. I rush to the kettle, and pour it in an over sized mug, and place in a few tea leaves. The scent starts to gather in my nose, but there's no time for sniffing tea sent. I hurry carefully to mother with the tea, and she takes it from me with a whispered "thank you". I try to take a look at the boy's face, but it's become covered with soaked, raven hair. "Happens to young-lings' quite a lot." The lady with the fluffy scarf says to me. I can only nod my head, as she once considered me a young-ling as well, so I don't really know how to respond to that. 

"Umm, is the tea okay?" I try to interact, and not just stand amongst the crowd awkwardly. The boy, who I'm guessing is called Vyan from what the man said, looks up at me. And then I see what was wrong.


The rest of the night went by smoothly. Mother and I managed to 'defrost' Vyan. And when that was done, I summed up some courage and tried to talk to him. Which I'm trying right now. But I'm so nervous. I don't know why. 

"Uh, so is everything okay now?" I say, sitting on one of the wooden stools next to Vyan. "Yes, everything is perfect. Thank you. You are so kind." Vyan looks at me with a smile. Now, I didn't want my mouth to get the best of me, especially in this situation, but it did, out of curiosity. "You're not Russian are you?" then my face flushed red. "No, I mean, you don't look and..."

"It's okay. I get that question a lot. I have the Asian eyes, I know." Vyan looks slightly embarrassed, and a jolt of guilt pangs inside of me. "But you do speak perfect Russian!" I try to cheer him up. "Thanks. If you really want to know, I'm adopted. A Moscow couple took me in when I was only 3 months old. My bloodlines are Asian, but, I guess I'll never really know where I'm really from. I have a family, that's all that matters." Vyan sips from the mug of tea. I move closer to him, and put a hand on his shoulder. Vyan shudders a little. Then blushes. "Do you know where the restrooms are?" He asks. "Yes, of course. Been here my whole life." I laugh, and lead him out of the main room.

The restrooms have such an interesting path; down the stairs, in a spiral, then a left turn, right turn, and another left. I always love going to the toilet for this reason, which is strange, but what can I do. "Do you want me to wait here for you?" I ask Vyan with an arm behind my back. "Sure, if you don't mind that is."

"Of course not."

"Okay, give me a few minutes. I'll be right back" Vyan pushes open the door of the mens' lavatory, and disappears inside. For some odd reason, I feel a little shaky. Vyan is really kind, and he seems like a very lovely guy to me. I wonder what his age is. He's tall, and looks way more boyish and manly than I ever will. That dark, longish hair. Those almost black eyes. Sets your heart racing. What am I thinking? Heart racing....

"Hi, I'm back. Sorry if that took too long." Vyan comes back out, the door sounding his return. "Didn't take long at all." I breathe. Vyan looks at me, then comes closer. A bit too close, but...each to their own. "Kera, right?" Vyan gulps. "Yeah, Kera..." I look up at Vyan, his eyes boring into mine. What's going on? Why is he suddenly acting like this? "Well, Kera. I want to thank you for your service. Vyan put's a hand on my shoulder. "Oh, no, you really don't have to. It was nothing..."

"But I must. So please." Vyan pleads, his grip on my shoulder tightening. "Okay." I whisper, excitement taking over me. Vyan suddenly leans in closer to me, so our bodies are now pressing against each other. My heart starts to want to jump out of my chest, and it's almost painful.

"Accept...this..." Vyan breathes in my ear, in what I can detect as a sensual tone? Yes, absolutely. I would do something, but my body seems paralyzed. Then, he leans in that handsome face of his, his nose touching mine. I close my eyes. Oh god, what's going to happen? I feel sweat drip down my back. Small brushes occur on my lips. My bottom lip trembles at the act. Then slowly, and gently, Vyan locks lips with me, and the angelic and sexy touch makes me moan unwillingly. He slips his tongue in my mouth, and starts to do amazing things. I grab onto his back desperately. Oh god, oh god, oh good grief! This could be wrong, but then why does it feel so right?

After a few feverish moments, Vyan pulls away, and caresses my cheeks. "I'll...see you tomorrow, Kera." he says softly. Too softly. Then walks off, leaving me to sink to the floor, blushing and panting. I grip my waistcoat tightly. What had just happened? That kiss, was so...magical.

Yes, a magical kiss.

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