Son of the bartender

Kera, a young 17 year old boy, lives with his mother, Maria, in St Petersburg, who is a bartender to her own pub. Kera finds joy in helping his mother as a waitor, and everything is peaceful.
One night, a great blizzard hits the calm city, and many citizens try to find shelter. Though some individuals aren't so lucky, the snow had seemed to be hiding a fate that night, which would change Kera's life forever, and quite possibly make him the happiest human alive. With a few wild events, of course.
So the snow decides to bring Vyan, a mysterious adopted boy, and Kera wants to get to know him, inside and out.


2. My heart, defrost


A new day. A lovely day. A cold day.

And yesterday was...a magical day. Yes. It was.

After the incident yesterday, I keep feeling shivers down my spine, and the warmth I had felt on my lips had remained. Vyan had left, and I had fallen asleep on the floor. I probably would've stayed there if mother hadn't waked me up. Of course, I didn't tell her. No, this was my own little secret. 

But I grow impatient. I remember Vyan clearly saying to me that he would see me today also. Now, I'm probably way too impatient, as it is only 8 in the morning. But what can I do? That kiss...was everything if I'm honest. But my feelings? That I don't know. It's all so confusing, and I want to ask Vyan at least a hundred questions today. If he comes.

"Kera! Kera darling, that boy. He's standing outside. Shall I invite him in?" Mother's call wakes me up to the full. She's talking about Vyan. I know it. But, oh, I have no time to get ready or get dressed! Panicking. Yes, that's what I'm doing. "Uh, sure!" I say before I could've stopped myself. The 'kachak' of the front door echoes soundly in the hallway outside my bedroom door, and the footsteps and cheery chatter makes my heart want to burst. Then, the footsteps become louder. What am I doing! Just sitting here in my bed like a pointless idiot! "Kera? Can I come in?" Vyan's voice travels to my ears like velvet. "Y-yes." I stutter. My toes poke out from the end of my covers, and I notice how much I'm unconsciously wiggling them. The wooden door to my bedroom squeaks open, and Vyan pokes his head through. "Hi...sorry for catching you like this in the morning."  he steps in then blushes furiously, probably now noticing me in my fur night shirt, which is open at the front. "Uh, so, mind if I talk with you?" Vyan places his hand awkwardly around the back of his head. "Sure." I reply. Without thinking, I pat on the space next to me. Damn, I've just signalled him to sit on my bed, no! And he does just that. "About yesterday..." Vyan begins, but cuts himself off, and I feel his eyes lick over my uncovered body. "Yes, about it...look. I have so many questions to ask you."

"Go ahead, ask me." Vyan says in a dazed voice, still eying my body, and it makes me feel self conscious. I sum up some courage, and ask my main question, quite quickly. "Why did you kiss me?" I would've stuttered if he hadn't looked up. "Well..."

"Kera! I'm going out, okay?" My mother calls upstairs, cutting off Vyan. I'm kind of grateful for it, if I'm honest. "Yes mother!" I call back, and the front door makes an almost eerie click as it closes. I look back at Vyan, who smiles at me in a loving way. "As I was saying. I kissed you to show my gratitude." Vyan sweeps his hair behind his ear.

My heart sinks. I can't describe the feeling, but oh lord. What was I expecting anyway? Sudden anger and grief sweeps over me. "Oh, well, not that I care anyway." I violently push past Vyan. This is not like me, I know. But I can't seem to control myself. "Wait, Kera-"

"Yep, gratitude. What else would it be?" I literally tear off my night shirt, and stand in front of my wardrobe, cold and partially naked. "Kera!"

"What!?" I turn around angrily. Suddenly, I feel warmth, and I notice Vyan's arms wrapped around my torso. Hi head snuggles into my shoulder, and all I can do is stay still. "You didn't let me finish, idiot." Vyan mumbles. His strong embrace takes me back to my bed, and Vyan's warm hands position me to straddle him. "Gratitude is just one reason." Vyan says to me softly. I gulp my nerves down, then stutter: "W-what's the o-other?"

"Well...I suppose it's what they call love at first sight." Vyan blushes, and I gasp, shiver, then curl up. "L-love?"

"Yes, Kera." Vyan rubs the tip of his nose against mine. "I'm sorry. It's okay if you don't believe me..." Vyan rests his head on my shoulder and sighs. I breathe heavily, not able to believe what Vyan had just said. He loves me? He loves me? ME? My heart feels as if it had just gone in a heater after being in a freezer for an eternity. It beats heavily, and I'm scared he might hear. "Not believe you? How could you think that? My heart, it's going to-" I clutch my chest, then caress Vyan's head. "So..." he looks up at me again with heavy lidded eyes, " me...too?" I shudder at his question. "Okay, so I've never loved or been loved before, but I'm pretty sure, that...I do." At that moment, Vyan grabs me and kisses me deeply. I wrap my arms around him, bringing him in as close as I could. Vyan moans and I find it incredibly sexy. How could all of this happen in just two days? Miracle? Fate? One of them for sure. I suddenly feel Vyan's soft, big hands travel down to my tummy, and stroke gently. "Nn...Vyan." I moan unwillingly. Vyan flutters his long lashes at me, then kisses my nose. "My Kera." he whispers. Just as we were about to continue, my mother voices her arrival back quite eccentrically. "Kera? Kera! I'm back! Have you eaten breakfast?" I push Vyan away quickly, then grab a spare shirt from the end of my bed, and hastily put it on. "No, not yet!"

"Oh. Well, if that's the case, why don't you have your friend join you today?" her footsteps fade away, and I look back at Vyan, who was blushing furiously behind me. "Sorry. I suppose she just loves to interrupt. Umm, have you eaten?" I say. Gosh, I must be the most awkward person on earth, I swear. Vyan shakes his head. Ok, so, he hasn't. "So, with me?" I blush deeply, then turn away, scrambling together the rest of my outfit. Yep, I am the most awkward being. I knew it.

Vyan chuckles behind me, then embraces me. His body is so warm; I could just sink into the divine feeling. I lean back slightly, into his arms. "Yeah, I'll eat with you, my little fawn."

"What? Little fawn, did you say?"

"Mm. It’s a nickname I came up with for you. I mean your soft brown hair, your cute height and clumsy figure. You're like a fawn." he kisses my temple affectionately, and I wanted to moan so badly. Little fawn...I could get used to it. "Well, then I have to make a nickname for you too." I think. As I think, I notice how quickly everything was moving. I had only met Vyan yesterday, and now I'm his lover already? Fate must love me. "Aha!" I click my fingers "How about, honey bear?" 

"Honey bear?"

"It describes you perfectly! Like a bear, your big and warm, and give me heavenly cuddles. And your kisses are sweet like honey." Vyan grips my hand tightly, stroking my index finger. "Honey bear it is, then." 

"BOYS! Are you coming down or what? I made pancakes!" My mother yells in a sing song voice. I shrug off Vyan rather difficultly, then button up my shirt. "I'll help you." Vyan breathes seductively. He pushes my down onto my bed, then slides my woollen socks up my feet, followed by my fur-lined trousers. He holds out a hand to me, which I take without hesitation. "But we can't let mother know." I say sternly. "Whatever feels comfortable with you?" I nod. If this turns out to be all a dream, I will slowly kill myself, no joke. Beautiful Vyan is now mine. And I am his. It's too good to imagine. This is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Heck, look at me, thinking so cheesily? I'm still a guy after all. 

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