ABW? //Magcon//

"days like this make the hell-hole look like a carnival.."


1. ~Chapter One~


Ever since I can remember, I have woken up to Ms Hughes, our lazy, mean, filthy governess yelling over the intercom for everybody to wake up and eat. I jump out of bed, my feet hitting the cold tiles, grab my brush and Tyler's comb from the small bag hanging from a hook, and head to the cafeteria. Everybody is already sitting in their seats and usually none are open, so I stand by the main door and wait for Tyler. Minutes go by and he still doesn't show up. Something isn't right. If he doesn't come down for breakfast, he'll get punished...

My brain starts going crazy with things that could happen. He could be stuck in the old rooms, leftovers for a week... I force myself to think he is ok and just late, which he never is. He knows better.

20 minutes go by and I anxiously tap my foot, he hasn't showed up.

The intercom starts to pick up and the bell starts to ring, and finally Tyler runs into the door and taps my shoulder and grabs his comb from my hand.

We both walk to the back wall and I pull my hair into a ponytail to save time for the breakfast line to die down.

Minutes go by and no conversations between us.

I decide to break the silence since its eating me alive.

"Tyler, where were you? You're never that late!" My voice started to crack,"you scared the crap outta me, I didn't know if you were going to come ba-"

He cuts me off, no emotion in his tone,"Addison, haven't you heard?"

I was confused, have I heard what?

"Tyler, what are you talking about?"

His eyes looked into mine,

" Addison, your being adopted..."

I got up, speechless, and got my

food from the line, and sat on the other side of the cafeteria.

I needed to think about this.

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