Poems 2.0

I'm co-authoring this book!!! He's REALLY good at writing poems!!!


55. Missing, Hating, Wishing~Anna

Missing all of those late night talks.

Missing all of our inside jokes.

Missing all of the smiling and laughing.

Missing all of the hours we stayed up late.

Missing all of the nicknames and texts.

Missing the quietness in my head.

Missing all of the love that they brought.



Hating all of the promises we failed to keep.

Hating all of the voices that laugh at me.

Hating all of the regrets that I bury deep.

Hating all of the flaws that make up my body.

Hating all of the daydreaming;

Trying to find a better place instead of my reality.



Wishing that you were here.

Wishing that I was anywhere but here.

Wishing that I wasn't alone.

Wishing that I could be happy.

Wishing you all wouldn't have left me.

Wishing that you all wouldn't have lied.

Wishing that you weren't busy.

Wishing that you wouldn't leave me.

Wishing that someone would find me.

Wishing that I could cry;

Instead of holding it inside.






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