Poems 2.0

I'm co-authoring this book!!! He's REALLY good at writing poems!!!


89. Life in the Trenches (WW1)~Anna

B0mbs bursting.

Shrapnel flying. 

Bu113tS whizzing by.

Coming from every which way.

B01dies dropping like flies.

Arms, legs, half faces. Everywhere.

Family, friends, and comrades in arms.

Injured or dy1ng.

Hear the whistle screaming, 

"CHARGE!!!" To the doomed souls, at the front lines.


Running. Heart pounding. Legs pumping, adrenaline rushing.

Bu11ets, b0mb5, and b0d13s. 

Blood brothers and fellow soldiers beside me. 

Zig zagging everywhere.

Dirt billowing up, blinding me.


Boring days.

Poker, Black Jack, and Gin.

Songs of hope. Songs of home.

Songs from a different life.

Laughter, sadness, anxiety, and anger.


On these days, sometimes,

You'll see, the demons that haunt me.

Guilt, bitterness, hatred and depression.

You'l see my ghosts following me.

Fallen brothers and d3ad b0d1es.

Sometimes they call to me, and I call back.

You can't run from them. Because,

They're inside your head.

Mines and barbed wire fences.

Inside and out,

Making me think, that everyone is,

Out to get me.

Just like, the trenches.

So is my brain.

Tunnels going in every direction.

Everyday, it is all the same.

Dig, run, fight.

Over and over until, 

You lose your mind.


No Man's Land.

The most dangerous, most fierce part of the land.

The middle man.

Most never survive.

Not with the p0is0n gas in the air.

"Masks! Put on your masks!!" Our Captain shouts.

So much screaming and crying.

"Keep going, men!" 

Drowning out the yelling and cursing.

Crawling past b0d1es of decay.

Te rats got to them in the most awful way.

Flesh, not flesh, some flesh.

Mostly eaten all the way.

Tanks blasting out of nowhere.

A flash and then a, "BANG!!"

POP! POP! POP! Goes the Gat. 

Bu113ts raining down from above.


Suddenly, I see a cloud.

It is not a normal cloud.

Not all white and puffy.

This one is deadly and fast.

Not slow moving and peaceful.

But some us didn't realize until it was too late.

Now they can't breathe.

Choking, wheezing, coughing, silence.


War lovers, brave fighters, deserters

Kids, boys, teenagers.

Best friends, uncles, cousins.

Fierce generals, hard colonels, legendary, stars.

Brothers, fathers, strangers.

All bonding and fighting in the war.

Even the most cold hearted, and strongest of men. 

All remember when;

We didn't have nightmares;

That didn't want to end.

The trenches hold our most dearest of memories.

Sometimes, you can still hear our boys fighting.

Our generals shouting,

Our bu11ets flying.

Our gr3nades launching.

The d3ad, screaming.

See the medics running.

That's how we survived the Trenches.

During World War One. 



In my Honors American History class, we're learning about WW1 and we learned about the trenches. We could choose to do other projects. i.e, a letter home to someone, poem, scrapbook, acrostic, and diagram or students proposal to do something else. I chose to do the poem. We had to factor in the weAp0n5 they used and landscape and life in the trenches. Sorry that most of it is used with numbers, but if I hadn't then this chapter would be blocked on my laptop.I actually don't know right now, if they will block it or not. But yeah, that's why it's so long. I also didn't know how to end it. I don't know my grade on it, but I know the teacher liked the first part of it and he said that it was emotional. I've had two other people read it, but only one, the entire thing, or rather over half of it. Nobody saw the last portion. They said it was good. Although, I don't know if I like that it's so long. ;-; 

Tell me what you think??




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