Poems 2.0

I'm co-authoring this book!!! He's REALLY good at writing poems!!!


30. FlY👼👼🐦🐦🐦✈✈✈▶▶▶~Anna (needs opinions! Or should I use a different song




NOT THE LYRICS!!! MY POEM ISN'T THE LYRICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Be My Escape~Relient K

Just the chorus about the walls is what I like out of it considering this poem)



I want to yell.

I want to scream,

and I want to burn down the walls,

That I've been building up inside.

But how can I do that when you're keeping me chained?

I thought we had something?

Little did you tell me that it was all a game.

Did I miss the warning label within your name?

You told me what you were,

But when it came down to you and me;

I thought that you decided that you were going to make me happy?

Now that you've said that one word.

That one sentence.

Everything has changed.


I'm not myself.

I'm confused and ready to take my pills

The pills that make me happy.

Without me realising it until it's too late.

How many should you take?

Who knows,

Because no one cares. 


The flashbacks are getting to me.

It's like history is repeating itself once again.




Fading away.





Why didn't I read the fine print?

Why didn't I see the signs?

Why didn't I realize it before it was too late?

You surround yourself with people that you "can't have". 

But there's one that you could've had.

But now they're going insane.

Too much confusion.

You said something.

Not physically but I thought there was meaning behind our talks.

What little ones we had...

And now, now what???


There's no escape for me anymore.

No one that deserves my happiness.

Or what little is left anyway.


There is no escape for the monsters inside of me.

No one's demons play well with mine!

There's nothing that you can say or do that can "SAVE ME". 



This poem is NOT about anyone or anything!!!! It's just something that I came up with based on the song. :) 

Also I think my meds are messing with me. Considering I haven't taken one of them in months and I only now decided to take it again. Because I knew that my thoughts were becoming consistent more then usual. And it was starting to formulate a calendar and mark the time and place. Some will understand the last sentence I think? Maybe probably not xD 




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