Poems 2.0

I'm co-authoring this book!!! He's REALLY good at writing poems!!!


90. Don't believe~Anna

When they say they'll save you, Don't believe.

When they say they'll love you, don't believe.

When they say they'll be there for you, don't let them deceive.

When they say they'll never leave, just assume they will.

When they say they're your friend, find more.

When they say they understand, don't answer.

When they say they'll try, forget them.

When they say they anything positive, don't believe.


If you believe, you get hurt.

If you let them in, they'll bring you down.

If you confide in them they'll only use you.

If you let your guard down, they'll only forget you.

If you tell all your secrets, they'll leave you.

If you love them, they'll only break you.

If you form a relationship with them, you'll only hurt yourself.

If you trust in them, they'll only lie to you.


This is how you don't get hurt.

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