Poems 2.0

I'm co-authoring this book!!! He's REALLY good at writing poems!!!


37. Closed up inside~Anna

I am a monster.

Can't you see?

The darkness that is inside of me?

My heart has frozen over.

One part ice.

The other part, fire.

There are these thoughts that I keep at bay.

I can't let my demons sail away.

I want to let my demons out.

But then I'd become a burden.

So I keep everything hidden.


Sometimes, I daydream;

Of the day somebody will remember me.

If I went missing one day,

Would you notice?

Would you think it strange?

Or would you go about your day?


There's days that I think, 

That you don't love me.

But then you come in,

Like a knight in shining armor.

And make me forget.

Forger, the darkness inside my head.


You quiet the voices.

You turn the darkness into light.

The demons into butterflies.

There's so much insecurity.

But I don't exactly show it.

You only see the happiness that I perceive.


Maybe I am just paranoid.

Maybe I am just too clingy.

But maybe they're all leing and they hate me.

But that's the thing;

They've just been preoccupied with their own lives.

That they forget about me.


I leave you before I hurt you.

Or before you leave me.

I leave before you leave me.

I keep thinking, "This one is going to be different."

Turns out, some are all the same.

Although, I am ONLY sixteen.

I've got my whole life ahead of me.

Or just until the monster inside of me,

Kills me.



So this was the surprise. I thought it had some potential to be a song or something else. But it's not, sooo yeah. I kinda have been putting this one off for publishing. Since I still don't know the title >.<

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