Poems 2.0

I'm co-authoring this book!!! He's REALLY good at writing poems!!!


57. Always lie~Anna

What would you do if this was my last night?

What would you do if I said goodbye?

How would know I am gone if you're never here?

How do I know you love me if we're never smiling?

How do I know that you're keeping your promise;

If you read my cries but never try.

You promised to be there for me. 

It's good that I knew you were lying.

Two down. one heart to go.

But wait!

This girl has no heart.

It's been shattered years ago,

And thought to be stitched together.

But no one knows that it's an artificial heart.

Because no one puts the effort into loving her that much.

They always lie.

They always leave.

They leave regret in her memories.


So tell me please, 

If this is my last goodnight

And final goodbye,

Would you know?

Would you finally come through for me?

Just this once? 

Or just one more time?

You read these words of sadness,

But you never take action.

Two down.

No more hearts.


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