Adopted by One Direction

Hi I'm Angel and this is the story of how One Direction adopted me.


9. Damit dream


                  I woke up (audrey and layla are still her bffs) aww come on it was only a dream.

                 I got out of bed and went to take a shower. When I was done I threw on some sweatpants, tank top (with cool design), and some white shoes. I let my hair dry naturally and threw it into a high ponytail. Once I was done I walked downstairs only to be pushed down. It was my bully, Alexandra.




                         "hey bitch get out of my way" She snickered. Today she wore a really short red dress and some red high heels. I got up and moved to the side to let her pass. I know what you're thinking, stand up to her. I just let her push me around and ignore her cause there is like nothing she can say to hurt me. Ya she does physically, but oh well. I stick up with it.

         I walk the rest of the way done to be greeted by Mrs.Brown smiling like crazy. Ya I'm in an orphanage, unlike my dream were I ran, to bad that didn't happen. I looked at her because she was looking at me with a weird expression. "You have some people who want to adopt you" She finally said. I looked at her in shock and said nothing because I am a mute, unlike my dream were I talked. Huh, to bad. She took me to a room were 5 boys stood, they all looked up at my arrival and smiled. I gave them a tiny smile.

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