Adopted by One Direction

Hi I'm Angel and this is the story of how One Direction adopted me.


2. Chapter 2


                  Angel p.o.v:

                     As I was running I heard someone chasing after me.

    "um.. love wait up!" I think Niall yelled. So I stopped and all the boys went past me then backtracked towards me. "yes, oh and my name is Angel" I said not even out of breath like these idiots. "" Harry asked out of breath as the others nodded their heads. "um.. by keeping good posture and having my legs stretch as far as they can without doing the splits." I replied not sure how i'm not out of breath. They all stared at me for a moment then Liam smiled a creepy as hell smile. I gave him a weird look. "Can I adopt you?"He asked. "If you get Harry to stop looking at me like that, Zayn to had over his mirror so I can fix my hair, Louis to stop doing whatever he is doing, and Niall to give me a piggy back ride. Then you can adopt me." I commanded. "Ok" He said confidently. It took an hour to get Zayn's mirror, and 20 minutes to fix my hair. Then It took 20 more minutes to stop him from staring at me. Louis stopped making his faces when he got caught, then Niall gave me a piggy back ride, and then we signed all the papers for Liam to adopt me.


           sorry it was a short chapter and a stupid one, have stuff to do.

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