Adopted by One Direction

Hi I'm Angel and this is the story of how One Direction adopted me.


1. Chapter 1




Name: Angel Merry Ocean Howard

Age: 16

Statis: Single

Likes: All blue colors (espically mint), skateboarding, and everything else cause she is amazing at everything.

Dislikes: Dad, nothing else really.

                    Angel's p.o.v:


                                 I was at  the San Siro Stadium in Milan, Italy when I saw them.



                                         "Get your ass down here!!!" my 'father' yelled. So as usual I screamed back, "What!" I lost my mom when I was 5. Ever since then my dad had always gotten drunk bringing little slut's home and they would both hit me till I passed out. Then it just got worse and he started raping me, having me do things I didn't want to do. At school I got bullied and was always getting hurt, everyone called me names like whore, fag, slut, fat, and the usual. I felt a slap on my cheek and snapped out of my daze, I guess I zoned out. "oww!" I screamed in pain. "Why didn't you come down stairs when I called for you." my dad yelled at me. "because," then I ran. 




                                           I ran into a stadium? Huh, weird. I ran onto the stage and looked around. I hope one day I can be a singer,but I never will be because I have a horrible voice, still I like to sing for fun. Why not give it a try. So I started singing a song I wrote (all songs' she has written are written by other people).


                        "Wait a minute I, I got get my story straight. My friends are in the bathroom getting higher th-" I heard talking so I turned around and there stood One Direction.

         "Hi," I whispered. Niall heard and turned to me, "Who are you?" "Um...Well. I have to go?" I said sounding more like a question. "why?" Louis questioned. "Well I am Trying to run from my dad." I told them. Then someone grabbed my wrist and started pulling me, and my eye's widened. Then I turned around and punched my dad square in the face. I startled him and he let go so I took that as a dash and run. So I started running and the boy's were in the way so I had to jump over them and do my front flip landing on my  feet, then started running again.


         Louis p.o.v:

           She looks so scared and has blood all over her. To add to that she also just jumped over me and the boy's. She's fit, for her age.


        Harry p.o.v:

             Woah did that hot chick just jump over me. Cool.


          Liam p.o.v:

                 I am to stunned to say anything.


           Zayn p.o.v:

               What just happened. She was really pretty and fit, that's my kind of girl, I bet she's also a badass.


              Niall p.o.v:

                    She is so beautiful. She had really long black hair (past her feet long) and her bangs crossed her face, and her hair is curled, naturally, like a pro did it. She was really skinny (like she hadn't ate in years, poor girl), she also had really pale skin, and electric, neon, blue eyes. She was wearing a short light blue crop top, white skinny jeans, and white vans. She was wearing like no makeup. She could be emo, but I think i'm in love.


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