Supernatural: The Hands Of Ghosts


3. Sam and Dean

Author's note: this story will be written in Chelsea's point of view from now on.


*Chelsea's POV*


"Hey," my dad stood in the door way. "Are you okay?" 

    "I'm good dad," I said. 

    "Good enough to have company?" he asked. "Two FBI agents are here to see you."

    "Why are the FBI interested in mom?" I asked. He shook his head, and they came in. I got up out of the bed, and sat down at my vanity. I lived alone, my father was just staying here to help me deal. 

    "Hi, umm... Chelsea?" the tall one asked. I ignored them and looked into the mirror. My eyes were a golden-green color, and my hair was a golden blond. 

    "Okay?" the other one said. 

    "First names," I shook my head, and looked at them. "Not calling you by your last names." 

    "Well my name is Sam," the tall one said. "This is Dean."

    "So your mom, we heard she was a very nice woman," Dean said. Rage pumped through my veins. I was tired of people talking about her like she was dead. She was, but she was still here somehow. Some way.

    "Listen Dean, I'm going to be damn straight with you," I said. "You talk about her like she's not here. I'm going to throw some punches even if you are a federal officer." 

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