Supernatural: The Hands Of Ghosts


5. Hunters?

I looked back in the mirror, and saw a man standing there. 

    "What the hell?" I said. I looked back and no one was standing there. 

    "What is it?" Sam asked me. He looked in the mirror, and saw the same thing I did. Sam instinctively grabbed my shoulders, and pulled me away from the man. Dean stood in front of us both. 

    "What is that?" I asked. 

    "Ghost," Dean answered. Seriously, I thought. Sam's hands were warm against my skin. My stuff off the vanity crashed onto the floor. 

    "Sammy, get her out of here," Dean said. Sam and I ran. 


They Told me everything...

I'd fallen asleep next to Sam that night. They made me stay with them, if this ghost was after me they were the safest people I could be with. Sam had his arm around me. 

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