Supernatural: The Hands Of Ghosts


4. Dean Is On My Last Nerve

"Cute," Dean smiled. I rolled my eyes, so did Sam. 

    "Why are you guys here? FBI agents shouldn't be interested in this whole thing," I said. 

    "Actually we're FBI detectives," Dean corrected me. 

    "Did I ask you for an answer? I was talking to Sam," I said. Sam chuckled, and Dean scratched his head. 

    "Wait a second, I got a question," Dean said. "How come the girls we've met have been into you? Ari, liked you, the last time we were on a case. Now this one? The table has been flipped somehow." 

    "Trust me, I know your kind," I told him. "You like one girl until you can get in there pants, then you leave." 

    "Yeah, that sounds like him," Sam smiled. 

    "Let's just get on with the questions," Dean said shaking his head. 

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