The Guy Next Door (lastmann fanfiction)

This is a story about a girl that just moved into an apartment complex and her neighbor is famous but she doesn't figure that out until he asks her to be in one of his YouTube videos for his fans.

Bit Wh would he want a new girl in town to be in his YouTube video even though he doesn't know who she is on YouTube yet. What will he do? What will happen with them? When will he find out?


2. Shopping⚜🙏

We were in the store for a long time and so was Adam. I saw Adam again and I just pretended I didn't see him so I walked along the aisle of the room decor and I just kept on going. Then he came up behind me and covered my eyes.

"Adam I know it's you!" I said.

"It's Papi Ricco for u Mammi." I said as he put his dick right by my ass.

"Damn Papi u want to do it right here no not now maybe later!" I exclaimed.

"Maybe later at my apartment in my room." He said and I turne around and he just kissed me right on my pink soft juicy lips as he explained.

"Let me finish shopping please you can help me!" I said biting my lip.

"Okay for your room right!?" He said.

"Yeah and it has to be a really good room decor."I answered.

"So kind of like my room then." Adam said. "That you will be in very soon."

"Maybe but no I want it to look like this."

(A big mirror, a queen sized or king sized bed. My room needs to be painted purple. It has to have makeup organizes and a place to put my studio stuff. Then a place for my clothes my closet has to be neat and organized. Then my floor is wood so I'll get a little carpet for places. More and more)

So we got a carriage full of stuff and went and payed for it and Adam wanted to pay for it but I didn't let him he payed for half of the stuff that he picked out. So I just said whatever. I love Adam so much.

What will happen for the room decorating step??

Will Adam come an help me?

I know he will but will he try to do to me while we are in my room alone and spin stud to make my room look sexy asf for me and I'm and for my YouTube videos and musicallys and everything else.

What will Adam do to help me?

Will he do the unthinkable that I am thinking about right now before it happens?


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