The Guy Next Door (lastmann fanfiction)

This is a story about a girl that just moved into an apartment complex and her neighbor is famous but she doesn't figure that out until he asks her to be in one of his YouTube videos for his fans.

Bit Wh would he want a new girl in town to be in his YouTube video even though he doesn't know who she is on YouTube yet. What will he do? What will happen with them? When will he find out?


4. Painting Fun🖌💕

I texted Adym:

"Hey do u wanna come help me paint my room?"

"Yeah sure right now or later?" He questioned.

"In like 15 minutes so I can finished taking stuff out of the car from shopping." I said.

"Ok I'll come over now and help if u know what I mean!😉" he said.

"Okay lol."

So I went out to the car by myself and started to open the car and I felt a pair of arms grab me and take me away and smash me up against the car and started to kiss me. I knew it was Adym because I've kissed him before. We were standing there for a good 10 minutes making out and standing by the car. So I kissed him and told him to stop so that they don't think any things going on.

But then Adym came up behind me and made me bend over and I started to grind on his dick since I was bent o er anyways. I was in love with Adym already. I had to stop and start bringing stuff inside so I said this:

"When we paint my room we can have fun in private instead of now!"

"Ok baby!" He said as he bit his lip and just said damn as he watched my ass bounce as I walked so I went up to him and kissed him on his lips to tease him and bring everything inside. We were done bringing everything inside in about 15 minutes without fucking around. Then I got the stuff together to paint my room with Adym and I was ready I just had to change into shitty clothes so I don't ruin the ones I have on.

"Damn Baby. You're doing this for me I didn't know that's what u meant by fuck around later but okay." Adym said as he started to take his shirt off.

I looked at him like oh fuck I need him in me right now lol. So I went up to Adym and I tackled him before he even saw me come to him and the door was shut and locked so I started to make out with him and all he said was

"Let's start painting!"

I was so confused he was all up on me before but now he wants to wait he's really confusing sometimes. I just was like u know what fuck him I'll do it myself and I started to get the stuff on the floor and I started to put the paint in the roller panel. So I just took it and I started to paint the wall where I had it marked off for the whole wall and the design. I just ignored Adym as we painted and I just kept on painting!

"Hey what's wrong?" Adym asked.

I had headphones in but I had nothing playing so I could hear everything he was saying and what he was doing. So I ignored him until I felt paint on my arm. That's when I looked down and saw paint all on my arm and I knew it was Adym.

I looked at him and just smiled and he just ignored me as he sang and painted the wall. I just stared him down and I waited for him to look at me so I could attack him with paint. So I got my hand covered in paint and said

"Hey Adym!"

He looked at me and I just took my painted hand and covered his face in it and then he started to throw paint at me. So I went up to him and I pinned him up against the wall and I started to look at him all sexy like and I started to go done on him and started to kiss him and I mean he was better than the first time we kissed. I just kept on kissing his soft juicy pink lips. He then stopped and he looked me up and down and he took paint and rubbed it on my face and then I went down to his pants buckle and I grabbed some paint and rubbed it all on his abs. I was in fucking lie with him right now because then he pushed me up against the wall and there was no place left to run so I told him I'll show him something beautiful and sweet. So I kissed him and just kept on kissing him and then I made sure the door was locked and I just started to unbuckle his pants and I pulled them down and he took them off fully. Then he took my shirt off. His shirt was already off so I was all good with that. Then we decided to sit on the floor and good thing I had sheets on the floor because otherwise we would have made a mess! I then laid down on my back with no pants or shirt on only my thin and my bra. Then Adym looked at me and just went on top of me and friended on me with his boxers on and he just kissed my beck and I stood up and he leaned up against the wall and I bend over to suck his dick and then I was ready and prepared for him. So then he put the condom on. You can probably guess what happens next but I'm gonna say it anyways. Me and Adym started to do the nasty doggy style and I was all covered in paint and so was he. Then I yelled out to my roommates that me and Adym are gonna have to wash off outside before we do anything else, then we continued.

Adym then entered me and it felt amazing because he wasn't thirteen like when he first lost his virginity lol. But me and him kept on going on I turned around and I just looked at him as I moaned his name and I wanted him to fuck me harder and I just wanted to keep going but we had to finish my room already. Then 15 minutes later we heard my roommates talking to someone and we were like shit we gotta get changed because it was Adyms brother Sawyer. So Adym put his pants back on and I started to put my underwear and my shirt and pants back on and Adym left his shirt off since he was covered in paint already lol. We then finished my room before his brother even started to walk through the house. We were done painting it in like 25 minutes and we unlocked the door too. So we were all goody and we kissed then saw somebody opening the door and finished up the minor touches we had to fix on the wall. Me and Adym were just smiling and looking at each other all sexy like and shit!! Then Sawyer his brother walked around and I saw my other bra laying on the floor and I just kicked it into my closet which we had to do next. So I just left it there and just didn't argue and grabbed Adyms dick softly and rubbed it as his brother looked at the room and he just looked at me and moaned and then I stopped because I saw his brother turning around in the corner of my eye.

I was all ready for Adym again and I wanted him again. I needed him again. So I started to look at him and speak softly in a whisper saying you need to come over later when we finish this we are gonna do some work in this room. It was only 2:30 in the afternoon we would be done with my room by 5. That's how big my room is. So Adym and Sawyer talked and me and Adym started to get to work again. But I bought white paint for inside my closet since my room is purple and white I thought it would be a good match. Then Adym saw the black paint and wanted to draw designs on my closet walls since he's fucking amazingly awesome I'll let him do it. Then I saw him pick up the black paint and he got the smaller brush and he drew some small designs on my outline of my room and it came out pretty bad ass I have to say.

"Wow I really like this babe!" I said

"Yeah well I'm gonna do a different design on u!" He said as he bit his lip and pulled me closer to him.

I was just so excited to see what we were gonna do next.

What will happen?

Will we have a next level experience together?

What will we do in my walk in closet painting session?

IDK keep reading to find out what will happen with us next in my closet or in the shower or just in general!!?!

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