The Guy Next Door (lastmann fanfiction)

This is a story about a girl that just moved into an apartment complex and her neighbor is famous but she doesn't figure that out until he asks her to be in one of his YouTube videos for his fans.

Bit Wh would he want a new girl in town to be in his YouTube video even though he doesn't know who she is on YouTube yet. What will he do? What will happen with them? When will he find out?


3. Going Home & Questions😊

So we got everything in the car and we drove home by they were driving pretty slow so I just went with it.

"So what's going on with you two?" My one roommate Bree said.

"What do u mean." I answered.

"Come on we know u and Adam were flirting and kissing in the store!" My other roommate Jen said.

"Ok we were but you wanna know who he really is!" I exclaimed.

"OMG is he a serial killer. Sirena wtf no u can't date him." Jen said.

"Hey whats wrong with serial killers ate!" Bree said with a serious laugh face lol.

"No he's its Ricco tho and last_mann on The guy that I've always drooled over and I just can't stop thinking about and I have him as my wallpaper well not anymore. I mean it's my home screen but he won't see it yet lol. It will be me and him as my background soon!" I exclaimed.

"OMFG Sirena my best friend is dating a celebrity. I can't Sirena were gonna be famous well I mean u are!!" Bree exclaimed to me.

But what are they going to asked next.............

"You guys didn't, ya know! 👉🏼👌🏼." Bree asked.

"No wtf we just met in person why would I do that with him already!" I exclaimed smiling but seriously I didn't do it yet. Lol

"Ok good cause we just moved here you can't do that yet." Jen said.

So we kept on driving home and then Nicki Minaj came on and we were going towards a red light and stopped and reminding u I was driving and singing to Nicky Minaj. But of course when we pulled up to the red light guess who was next to us watching me singing to NM. Adym fucking Yorba, papi Ricco. I looked that way cause Bree was video taping me and him and we talked as we sat there for 10 minute for a fucking red light. So I looked and all I was doing was like oh hi. But then I said it I had to

"Are to stalking me?" I questioned.

"No why?" He said with a wink.

"OMG u r stalking me!" I looked at him with a big ass smile.

"I'll see u later in my room or yours!" He said as he drove off with the light.

I just couldn't stop smiling and I just kept on looking at him like a fool that was in love with a new puppy that I want that I saw at the mall. I just wanted to but that puppy and keep it with me forever. If I start to date him I don't know how I will let him go if something ever happens to us! Anyways me and him are going to hang out later so I don't know what will happen with everything between me and him. So me and him are going to his room in his apartment and I am so fucking excited. But what's going to happen. I think we should make musical.lys together for his and for mine. Me and him pretending to fuck and me and him being just a normal simple couple on lol.

*2 hours later*

We got home after shopping and shit and I wanted to paint my room so I texted Ricco and asked if he wanted to help me paint my room.

What will Aydm say?

What will happen?

What will he do when we're in my room painting it?

Idk let's keep writing and reading to see what will happen!

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