The Guy Next Door (lastmann fanfiction)

This is a story about a girl that just moved into an apartment complex and her neighbor is famous but she doesn't figure that out until he asks her to be in one of his YouTube videos for his fans.

Bit Wh would he want a new girl in town to be in his YouTube video even though he doesn't know who she is on YouTube yet. What will he do? What will happen with them? When will he find out?


5. Finishing The Painting Process🖌👅💦

It was time to paint the closet. I had to cover s lot of the flooring in the closet and the mirror doors on the closet and everything. I had to cover a lot good thing I had Adym to help me with it all. Anyways we had to start painting my closet. Even though Adym just wanted to fuck me again I wanted to finish painting so I told him this deal:

"If we finish my whole room today by 4:30-5. We can do whatever we want together. I want I have my room set up and everything in it by 8 tonight. Is that a deal and then we can do a YouTube video for you're channel and then do s video for my channel tomorrow in my room and then go to you're room and finish it up. Deal!"

"Deal baby but can we still kiss as we paint and shit." He said as he looked at me with puppy dog eyes.

So I went up to him and kissed him right on his lips. We finished one coat in 15 minutes. We let it dry for about 15 minutes. Then we did the second pay. We were done painting by 3. Then we started to do the stencil. Adym wanted to do it so I just had to hold it and let him paint it and he kissed me each time he got more paint. Then we finished one design in 5 minutes. Then we did another coat in 3 minutes we took it off and it was awesome. We were finished with my whole entire room by 4:30. I was happy as hell. So we let everything dry until 6:30 and then we were gonna go in and put everything in my room and set up everything so I can sleep in my room tonight. As we waited for 6 to come we decided to do the YouTube video for Adyms channel in his room so we changed and went to his room and I got ready to look good and he told me not to put makeup on but I did anyways. I needed to look like me normally for my YouTube videos so that people can see me and him and know who I actually was lol.

I didn't know what we were gonna be doing in the YouTube video so I guess I'm gonna find out now!!

What will we be doing?

What is going to happen for the YouTube video?

Is he gonna tell them that were dating?

What are we gonna be doing for this video??


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