The Guy Next Door (lastmann fanfiction)

This is a story about a girl that just moved into an apartment complex and her neighbor is famous but she doesn't figure that out until he asks her to be in one of his YouTube videos for his fans.

Bit Wh would he want a new girl in town to be in his YouTube video even though he doesn't know who she is on YouTube yet. What will he do? What will happen with them? When will he find out?


6. Adym's YouTube Video Ft. ShyGurl_101

It was time to do the YouTube video for Adyms channel since we're waiting for the paint to dry anyways! So I got changed and brought a pair of shoes to walk to Adym's apartment and then we can start the video but we had to wash off in the back first cause we were covered in paint. I just know that he's gonna react to my musical.lys and I'll be so ashamed cause then I'm gonna do that to Adym's musical.lys on my channel. But I'm gonna have to do two YouTube videos to show him that I have a lot of fans that are waiting to see me do his makeup. I've been waiting for this day to come since I started to watch his and stuff. I can't wait.

So we finished cleaning ourselves down and then we got to the apartment and got changed and went to Adym's place so that he could get changed to for his YouTube video. I was prepared for everything to happen between me and him. I mean yeah me and him were not doing to well but I wanted to do this video and it only took us 25 minutes to get changed and washed off. We got to Adym's apartment and I was in his room as he was getting changed and I was prepared to have the time of my life in his video and to have an amazingly awesome time with him today and I just wanted to come and fuck him again but so that we can actually enjoy it not just to do it and hurry up since we were in my apartment. We couldn't really do it the way we wanted to do it. I just wanted to tell Adym what I really feel instead of just having him as a celebrity and not being able to meet him like the others. Like I mean the way I want to meet Justin Bieber way cause I love Adym but not as a celebrity but as Adym. I need to let him know that but after the video not before.

So he set up his camera and he actually made me walk in when I hear him say hey guys I'm back with another YouTube video and I have to say I have a special........ He stops and I walk in as he shows me on the camera and the angels sing. So I go and sit down next to him and say hey guys I'm shygurl_101 on YouTube if u guys want to go follow me I have a I will have Adym put them on the screen for u. Then Adym says so guys today were gonna be doing a reaction video and in kind of scared. Today we will be reacting to musical.lys and some clown sightings. I hate clowns and so does Sirena her name is over here. We both are scared of clowns and hate clowns we just don't like them at all. Anyways we will start now with musical.lys. Oh look at you Sirena were checking you out first. My first came on and it was my third that had been featured. I was so embarrassed in front of him showing them. I know it's it's going to people around the world but still it's weird and awkward for me and I just smiled and wanted to kill Adym.

Then my 4th showed up and it was like a recent one and I was singing along to often then it started to sing:

"You asked if I do this everyday I say often, bitches bout to do it either way often!"

As it sang I was going you asked while pointing at the camera. Then if I do this everyday as I move my camera in a circle. Then after I shake the camera and then bitches bout to do it either way I did a wave movement up and down. Then often again I moved my camera away and closer to my face.

I was just smiling and Adym looked at me in shock.

"I did not know an innocent girl like you would dig a song that dirty. Damn bby girl! I gotta learn from u!" Adym said and leaned back and pretended he was dreaming as I walked in with him smiling and saying my name.

I just acted like I didn't see or hear anything. I just wanted to fuckung kiss him. So I attached him and pushed him on the bed. I couldn't let YouTube know that we were dating yet though we have to wait a couple more weeks or so. I just couldn't resist it so I just pretended to kiss his soft pink baby lips even though I really did kiss him. We just acted like we didn't kiss. We were all good for now until the crazy fans make memes saying how I'm a slut and shit! Now we will finish this after the creepy clown sightings after like 6 of them. Now we're gonna begin.

"OMG I would fucking die. Adym I can't watch this I'm gonna get scared af!" I said as I hid my face and I still jumped when the clown showed up right in from of the people's car. Then me and Adym looked at each other for the next one.

This time the guy said that he saw a clown got out of the car and ran into the corn field looking for the clown and then his friend saw the clown in the mirror and his friend ran in the car and the clown was chasing after them in there car. I just started to get more scared and even more terrified of these videos to come. Then Adym thought it would be funny to put my musically in it and he jumped and I just sat there and made a serious face at him and started to pretend to cry. I was mad at him so we did another part and I walked out and then 5 minutes later I walked back in and said lets finish this shit. So I just sat down and typed in last Mann musically compilation. He looked at me like u look me up on YouTube and watch me damn okay. I was so not embarrassed. I was just like let's see my reaction. I started to watch it and I just was in shock and I just couldn't stop watching it cause he was so fucking hot but I couldn't tell him that. So when I reacted to his if I can fuck u all the time. I said:

"Adym Alyxander Yorba wtf is this that u are putting on the Internet and letting people see. AKA it was kind of hot!" I whispered in his ear the last part. By like damn daddy wth has he been my whole life.

So then the next one came on and it was him dancing and vlicking his fingers and I just couldn't anymore. It really did turn my on and I mean the. We pretended to fuck and wee made the sounds and the movements but we weren't not yet that's for later. Anyways we finished the video in like 15 minutes. So we edited it and we were all good and it was edited to 7 minutes instead of 15. I was so excited for people to see me on Adyms page or should I say Papi Ricco. I mean Adym wanted to ruck and film it but I said nah. But I did agree to video tape myself for him on his phone and he can watch it whenever he wants to. Like what I mean is just me singin and being myself nothing else. Gosh you people are nasty. I can't say nothing lol.

By the time we were done editing and posting and making out and cuddling while watching a movie we saw the time and went to go put my room together since it was 6:40 now. So we got up and kissed and we went to my apartment and we started to bring my stuff into my room to set it all up. We brought my dresser in first and then my bed and then my studio stuff and then my makeup setup and hair setup and then my bathroom stuff and then all of my clothes boxes. Afterwards we started to set everything up. I was excited for everything to put where I had to be put. Then I put my curtains up and we started to then setup my bed and my dressers and put everything in the right place. Than I started to put all of the clothes in the right drawers of my dressers and then I put the rest into my walk in closet and I had a lot of extra stuff that I had to put in my closet. I was so ready. I couldn't wait to start living in LA and start to enjoy everything and explore more things with Adym and with Bree and Jen and jus with our careers in general and shit!!

What will we do next?

What will my room look like after we're done?

How long will it take us to setup my whole entire room and closet and bathroom and makeup and hair room?

Keep reading and you will find out next chapter!

Sorry for the cliffhanger guys I just haven't had time to write because of school and everything I will be on tomorrow while getting my makeup and hair done.

Love ya


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