Momo Heaven

Momo is not your average high school girl. In order to support her family (her younger sister and her hospitalized mother), she works as a popular author! But she doesn't write just any books, she pens erotic novels! It's quite an exciting job, but for Momo, it is one of high stress because you see... she is a virgin! Fortunately, she has a great imagination and does very well for herself and her family. However, because of the nature of her work she must keep it a secret.

Momo's troubles begin when Seto Kioje, a popular supermodel and new transfer student at her school discovers her secret! In order to keep him from telling, Momo becomes his slave?!


1. "Love Slave" part one

I'm living somewhere in the middle of delusion and reality.

Erotic books in front of me laying there staring back at me. It's a bookstore. I hide and stare. A customer buys one of the books grinning in happiness and then leaves. I stand there and stare yet again.

I am a young maiden at the age of seventeen. My name is Momo Shiina Heaven. To other people, I appear as a normal high school girl...But that's just my face on the surface.

Uggg lost the strength in my legs.

"Uh um miss are you okay?"said a lady in the bookstore worried.

"Oh I'm okay,"I said getting up with sweat running down my face.


"I'm home!"I screamed while I came in through the door.

"Farty! where have you been loitering around at!!"screamed Kiri.

"Kiri,"I say.

"I went to the bookstore for a bit,"I said walking slowly up the stairs to my room.

"Geez! just hurry up and do your job!! It's due tomorrow, right!? I'll call you when dinner's ready"said Kiri pushing me up the stairs helping me.

"Alrighty,"I responded.

My younger sister is such a considerate kid I thought.

I go into my room, and throw my bag onto the bed. I change into my other face as an Erotica novelist by the name of Aihara Kain.

As to the reason why a normal high school girl like me starts writing Erotica novels: It's because of a few years ago, My father passed away.

He was a famous Erotica novelist in the world of Erotica novels. His pen name was Aihara Kain. That's right, right now, I'm a ghostwriter, writing novels in place of my late father.

Something urgent was the trigger of this. Momo writer of ninth grade.

"My father's unfinished manuscript...? It's half finished,"I said worriedly.

"I would like to discuss this with you...Momo-san...would you continue to write it in place of sensei?"said James my father's editor looking quite anxious.

"I always heard from sensei about your talent in writing...just this one time...we will keep it from the public that he already passed away...,"said James.

"You will also receive money for the manuscript, as well as royalty, so...,"said James.

While James rambled on I was lost in my mind. My father was a very good father who cared a lot about the family. But...on one hand, he gave us a lot of love. On another hand, he spent money lightly and was a heavy womanizer so our life was very harsh.

After my father passed away, he left us a mountain load of debt. We only received a small amount of life insurance money, so it wasn't of any help in repaying the debts. All of that had to happen when my mother, who had a weak body, was hospitalized. I was at a total loss.



Entered Kiri

"Farty, dinner is ready,"said Kiri.

"Okay,"I responded.

I decided to start writing, like a drowning person clutching at  a straw.

Fortunately, my novels were favorably accepted, and somewhere, I've gotten here...

"Itadakimasu!" we both said at the same time.

At dinner time

"Ah, that's right they said that next week, Okaa-san will be temporarily discharged from the hospital! they called us on the phone,"said Kiri.

"Really?!"I said.

Then shall we go out to eat? It's been a while since we last did that. Yay! I thought.

When I started writing novels in place of my father, I was determined. I will write novels to support my family and our life. I don't have time to play around like a normal high school girl.

"I want to eat sushi yum,"said Kiri munching on everything like a squirrel.

Of course, love is out the question for me. I thought that falling in love and having a boyfriend doesn't have anything to do with my high school life But...

Hey guys so to explain this chapter one is so long that I had to cut it in parts so don't get confused and please vote and comment thank you<3

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