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16. MOVELLAS X-FACTOR-October 15, 2016

Do you love to sing?! Do you want lots of people to Discover how well you sing and get judged by judges? Well right here is your chance!!!!! Here are the Rules:

1. videotape yourself singing.(you can have a black screen whatever I just need to hear your voice!)

2. Post it to Youtube

3. Grab the link of the Youtube video and put it on a MUMBLE. (unless you can find another way to get it on)

4. Put this info in your mumble:



Reason for joining the X-factor?



5. at the end of the mumble put #MOVGOSSIP and #MOVELLASXFACTOR

6. Tag me as well.

7. Go and join the "Movellas X-Factor!!!" group.

8. You will be judged on: Pitch, accuracy, Lyrics right etc.

9. If you win, you get EPIC BRAGGING RIGHTS!!!! And I will talk to @SkyeS for prizes and Etc. So possibly something else other than Epic Bragging rights.

10. Have fun, no pouting if you lose. 


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