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4. Hottest Movellian of the day....(October 8, 2016)

Luke's Adorable Penguin

This Movellian is constantly active on Movellas! She is obviously Luke Hemmings bae due to her name. Luke's adorable penguin is definitely the coolest right now. Here's Her and Luke's most recent selfie! AND NO! IT'S NOT PHOTOSHOPPED!



Check out her amazing books! She currently has 13 stories!  


Her most recent post was about Hurricane Matthew. "This was taken 15 minutes from my house!!! MY FAM IS FINE" The user states. 


She has 192 followers, 632 mumbles, and is following 200. What a movellian!

Please go and follow her! #Diva #MOVGOSSIP #hottest!

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