6th Year ~Dramione~

I decided to write this story after the Dramione video I watched on YouTube by Draco And Hermione.


2. Chapter 2: The Truth

(The next day)

Hermione wakes up "Good afternoon miss granger." Madam Pomphrey says. "Afternoon???!?" Hermione asks "Yes the potion I gave you makes you very sleepy as your stomach needed time to heal without you moving or eating." She states. Hermione asks "so what is the time?" "6:30 so I suggest you go get something to eat." Madam Pomphrey states. Hermione walks off Dow the hall she is almost to the great hall when... "Hermione wait" "Did you call me Hermione?" Hermione asks. "Um...well...yeah" "you usually call me mudblood." Hermione states. "Can we just forget the past and just be friends?" Hermione stood there her mouth hanging open "is this a joke?" "No it's

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