6th Year ~Dramione~

I decided to write this story after the Dramione video I watched on YouTube by Draco And Hermione.


1. Chapter 1: The Fight

"Oi Mudblood" pansy yells. Hermione doesn't turn around. "Granger, I'm talking to you."pansy yells more. "Ignore her Mione." Pansy comes up from behind pulls hermione's and pulls her to the ground. "Mudblood you're weak" Hermione is about to stand up and punch Pansy but instead she gets hit in the stomach by Crabbe "Don't try and hurt my girlfriend!"Hermione falls to the ground clenching her stomach. People start to crowd around. "What is wrong with you?!" Ginny asks. Pansy is about to punch Ginny when Dumbledore walks in. "What is going on here?" Dumbledore asks. "Um...Nothing sir." Goyle responds shakily. Hermione is leaning against Ginny when all of a sudden Hermione starts to scream in pain and cough up blood. "Miss Weasley please take Miss Granger to Mrs Pomfrey while I sort out these three." "Yes Professor." Ginny says as she helps Hermione to the hospital wing.

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